Zooniverse alternatives

  • Crowdcrafting

  • The way we produce goods and provide services as a society is changing. We are not just consumers anymore – we create videos, music, art, software, hardware and much more, because the digital era has empowered us to do so. It’s easier than ever before to be a producer.

    tags: research crowdsourced citizen-science crowdwisdom citizenscience
    platform: Online
  • Foldit

  • Foldit is an experimental video game about protein folding, developed as a collaboration between the University of Washington's departments of Computer Science and Engineering and Biochemistry (many of the same people who created [email protected]). The first public beta was released in May 2008. Foldit follows the games-with-a-purpose paradigm in which players, as a side effect of playing, help solve problems that computers cannot solve very well. An earlier example of this paradigm is the ESP Game (aka the Google Image Labeler). »

    tags: biochemistry games protein-folding proteins puzzle-game
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Distributed Proofreaders

  • Distributed Proofreaders provides a web-based method to ease the conversion of Public Domain books into e-books. By dividing the workload into individual pages, many volunteers can work on a book at the same time, which significantly speeds up the creation process.

    tags: crowdsourced distributed-computing e-text ebooks volunteer-computing
    platform: Online
  • MapSwipe

  • Humanitarian organizations can't help people if they can't find them. MapSwipe is a mobile app that lets you search satellite imagery to help put the world's most vulnerable people on the map.

    tags: games
    platform: Android iPhone
  • OSM Tasking Manager

  • OSM Tasking Manager is a mapping tool designed and built for the Humanitarian OSM Team collaborative mapping. The purpose of the tool is to divide up a mapping job into smaller tasks that can be completed rapidly. It shows which areas need to be mapped and which areas need the mapping validated.

    tags: crowdsourced humanitarian mapping
    platform: Online OpenStreetMap
  • Quantum Moves

  • Quantum Moves, part of the scienceathome.org umbrella concept, was born out of the dilemmas and questions the physics researchers at Aarhus University confronted with when they took the challenge of building a quantum computer in the basement lab of the university.A computer works according to the principles of quantum mechanics and a single quantum computer could potentially be stronger than all conventional computers combined.

    tags: research crowdsourced sciences citizen-science quantum-moves
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Phylo

  • Though it may appear to be just a game, Phylo is actually a framework for harnessing the computing power of mankind to solve a common problem; Multiple Sequence Alignments.

    tags: bioinformatics biology citizen-science crowdsourced distributed-computing
    platform: Online