ZoomReader alternatives

  • ABBYY FineReader

  • ABBYY FineReader is an optical character recognition (OCR) software that provides unmatched text recognition accuracy and conversion capabilities, virtually eliminating retyping and reformatting of documents. Intuitive use and one-click automated tasks let you do more in fewer steps. Up to 190 languages are supported for text recognition — more than any other OCR software in this market.

    tags: batch-processing convert-to-epub create-pdf document-creation epub-converter
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Online
  • Tesseract

  • Tesseract.js is a javascript library that gets words in almost any language out of images.

    tags: ocr text-recognition
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • FreeOCR

  • FreeOCR is a scan & OCR program including the Tesseract free ocr engine, also known as a Tesseract GUI. It includes a Windows installer, and it is very simple to use. FreeOCR supports multi-page TIFFs, fax documents as well as most image types including compressed TIFFs, which the Tesseract engine on its own cannot read. It can handle PDF formats and is also compatible with TWAIN scanners.

    tags: image-processing ocr pdf-ocr text-recognition
    platform: Windows
  • TextGrabber

  • ABBYY TextGrabber easily and quickly scans, translates and saves your chosen text or QR-codes from virtually any printed material.

    tags: ocr text-recognition
    platform: Android iPhone
  • CopyFish

  • Extract & translate text from images/videos/PDF on any website.

    tags: character-recognition extract-text firefox-extension image-to-text image-translation
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Firefox
  • Omnipage

  • Powerful OCR technology makes OmniPage 17 the world’s best – and most accurate – solution for repurposing, editing, sorting, searching and sharing converted documents in any format you choose.

    tags: ocr professional-ocr text-detection
    platform: Windows
  • CuneiForm

  • CuneiForm (OpenOCR) is a text recognition software for printed templates. Manuscripts or PDF-files, the program can not recognize, however, but table structures. The language-model is applicable for 20 languages, and the results can be used as HTML, RTF or ASCII text to save, or export directly to Word or Excel. These fonts are, and the structure of the document unchanged. CuneiForm has only recently made an open source software. It was developed by the Russian company Cognitive Technologies and means something like cuneiform (from the English cuneiform = wedge-shaped). »

    tags: Portable image-processing ocr recognize scanning
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Online OCR

  • Free Online OCR is a software that allows you to convert scanned PDF and images into editable Word, Text, Excel output formats.

    tags: image-to-text ocr pdf-to-word text-recognition
    platform: Online
  • Free-OCR.com

  • Free-OCR.com is a free online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool. You can use this service to extract text from any image you supply.

    tags: extract-text image-to-text ocr text-recognition
    platform: Online
  • Prizmo

  • Prizmo 2 is a revolutionary scanning application with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in over 40 languages with powerful editing capability, text-to-speech, and iCloud support.

    tags: business-cards dropbox evernote google-drive icloud
    platform: Mac OS X iPhone
  • WatchOCR

  • WatchOCR is an open source OCR server that creates searchable pdfs from images in a watched folder.

    tags: create-searchable-pdf image-to-pdf image-to-text ocr pdf-ocr
    platform: Linux
  • SimpleOCR

  • SimpleOCR is the popular freeware OCR software with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. SimpleOCR is also a royalty-free OCR SDK for developers to use in their custom applications.

    tags: image-processing ocr scanning text-recognition
    platform: Windows
  • PDFpen

  • Edit PDFs easily with PDFpen! Add text, images, signatures, highlights, and comments. Make changes, fix typos, fill out forms, and redact sensitive information. Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to turn a scan into editable text. Export from PDF to Microsoft Word.

    tags: merge-pdf pdf-annotation pdf-editor pdf-form-filler pdf-manipulation
    platform: Mac OS X iPhone iPad
  • Outline+

  • Note-taking becomesintuitive again Organize your personal, work and class notes.View and edit Microsoft OneNote on iPad and Mac.

    tags: box built-in-viewer dropbox dropbox-sync note-taking
    platform: Mac OS X iPad
  • OCRopus

  • OCRopus(tm) is a state-of-the-art document analysis and OCR system, featuring pluggable layout analysis, pluggable character recognition, statistical natural language modeling, and multilingual capabilities.

    tags: image-processing ocr text-recognition
    platform: Linux