ZoomEye is a search engine for Cyberspace

ZoomEye alternatives


  • SHODAN is a search engine that lets you find specific computers (routers, servers, etc.) using a variety of filters. Some have also described it as...

    tags: search-by-device search-engine search-ip-address security-focused
    platform: Online
  • IVRE

  • IVRE, a network recon framework.

    tags: internet-of-things-feature ip-address ip-addresses-informations network-analyzer network-monitoring
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online BSD Self-Hosted
  • Censys

  • Censys is a search engine that enables researchers to ask questions about the hosts and networks that compose the Internet. Censys collects data on...

    tags: search-engine vulnerability-scanner open-source-cms scan-for-vulnerabilities vulnerability-scan
    platform: Online
  • PunkSPIDER

  • PunkSPIDER is a global-reaching web application vulnerability search engine. The goal is to allow the user to determine vulnerabilities across the ...

    tags: hacking scada search-engine vulnerability-scanner
    platform: Online
  • Vega

  • Vega is a free and open source scanner and testing platform to test the security of web applications. Vega can help you find and validate SQL Injec...

    tags: automated-scanner cross-site-scripting sql-injection sql-injection-protection web-application-scanning
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Thingful

  • Search engine for the Internet of Things

    tags: search-engine maps mapping map-online internet-of-things
    platform: Online
  • Grabber Web Application Scanner

  • Grabber is a web application scanner. Basically it detects some kind of vulnerabilities in your website.Grabber is simple, not fast, but portable a...

    tags: hacking penetration-testing vulnerability-scanner web-application-scanner
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Android