Zones is the simplest way to convert time zones between cities around the world. Recently rewritten and updated to version 2.0, Zones is the best w...

Zones alternatives

  • World Time Buddy

  • Ridiculously intuitive time zone converter! In just seconds find current time, plan meetings, calls or travel, schedule events and games, track mar...

    tags: meeting planner scheduler time-zone timezone
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Free Clock for your website or blog! Place up to six clocks on a single page – we supply the HTML code for free!

    tags: clock time-zone time-zones world-clock timezone
    platform: Online
  • Chronozone

  • Chronozone provides time and daylight remaining at any location. Simply drag to move the map around and the time dial will adjust to that location.

    tags: world-clock time-zone time-zones timezone-converter
    platform: Online

  • Find out what the exact time is right now at any of 7 million locations around the world

    tags: time-zones
    platform: Online

  • A world clock designed to help you with timezones.

    tags: meeting-planner scheduler scheduling time-management time-zone-clock
    platform: Online
  • FoxClocks

  • FoxClocks is a Firefox/Thunderbird extension to display local times around the world in your status bar or any toolbar. Virtually all the worlds ti...

    tags: clock time-zone world-clock
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Thunderbird Firefox
  • Qlock

  • Qlock is a stylish, simple and yet powerful desktop world clock.

    tags: time-zone world-clock
    platform: Windows Online iPhone iPad
  • samesame World Clocks

  • This is the worldclock section of can add as many clocks as you want to help manage those annoying timezone differences.You can creat...

    tags: time-management scheduling scheduler world-clock time-zones
    platform: Online
  • Microsoft Time Zone

  • Do you have relatives that live far away? Do you work with people from other countries? Use this simple utility to keep track of the time in other ...

    tags: clock time-zone
    platform: Windows
  • Slashtime

  • Slashtime is a small program which displays the time in various places. It has a compact display of locations along with supporting information suc...

    tags: gnome gtk timezone
    platform: Linux
  • 24timezones

  • More Than Just a Clock. Check current local time in the world, timezones, time change dates, summer time, daylight saving time, online clock for yo...

    tags: time-zone world-time
    platform: Online
  • A to Z Converter

  • "A to Z Converter" provides a set of free converters to easily convert between anything to anything else. Be it Units, Colors, Age, Timezone or Cur...

    tags: currency-converter units-converter color-converter timezone-converter age-calculator
    platform: Android

  • Precise real-time clock with online synchronization for any city or timezone in the world. Also includes timezone converter, DST information, sunri...

    tags: clock clock-sync local-time time-zone timezone-converter
    platform: Online
  • BastiUKs WorldClock

  • BastiUK's World Clock is a freeware tool that displays your favorite time zones on your desktop.

    tags: clock time-zone time-zones world-clock timezone
    platform: Windows
  • Cities - World Clock

  • If it’s 9 PM, Friday 20 June in Melbourne, Australia, what time is it in Trieste, Italy? Or Detroit, USA? Cities lets you travel the world to see w...

    tags: Discontinued world-clock time-zones
    platform: iPhone Discontinued