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ZingChart alternatives

  • Highcharts

  • Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering an easy way of adding interactive charts to your web site or web application. Highcharts currently supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie and scatter chart types.

    tags: charting-library charts javascript
    platform: Online Java Mobile Self-Hosted
  • Google Charts

  • The Google Charts is an extremely simple tool that lets you easily create a chart from some data and embed it in a webpage. You embed the data and formatting parameters in an HTTP request, and Google returns a PNG image of the chart. Many types of chart are supported, and by making the request into an image tag you can simply include the chart in a webpage.

    tags: analytics charts data-analytics live-data web-design
    platform: Online
  • AnyChart

  • AnyChart is a flexible, cross-platform and cross-browser JavaScript charting library that allows you to create interactive HTML5 charts, stock charts, maps, Gantt charts, and dashboards for any project, in any browser, on any platform/OS.

    tags: bar-chart charting charts data-visualization design-tools
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Self-Hosted
  • C3.js

  • D3-based reusable chart library that enables deeper integration of charts into web applications

    tags: chart charting-library charts documentation graphing
    platform: Online
  • Raphaël

  • Raphaël is a small JavaScript library that should simplify your work with vector graphics on the web. If you want to create your own specific chart or image crop and rotate widget, for example, you can achieve it simply and easily with this library. Raphaël ['ræfe??l] uses the SVG W3C Recommendation and VML as a base for creating graphics. This means every graphical object you create is also a DOM object, so you can attach JavaScript event handlers or modify them later. Raphaël’s goal is to provide an adapter that will make drawing vector art compatible cross-browser and easy.Raphaël currently supports Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.0+, Chrome 5.0+, Opera 9.5+ and Internet Explorer 6.0+. »

    tags: animation javascript javascript-library svg vector-graphics
    platform: Online
  • CanvasJS Charts

  • CanvasJS is an easy to use HTML5 and Javascript Charting library. It runs across devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Microsoft Surface, Desktops, etc. This allows you to create rich dashboards that work on all the devices without compromising on maintainability or functionality of your web application. CanvasJS is around 10x faster than conventional Flash and SVG Charts.

    tags: api canvas charting charting-library html5
    platform: Online
  • amCharts

  • amCharts is an advanced charting library that will suit any data visualization need. Our charting solution include Column, Bar, Line, Area, Step, Step without risers, Smoothed line, Candlestick, OHLC, Pie/Donut, Radar/ Polar, XY/Scatter/Bubble, Bullet, Funnel/Pyramid charts as well as Gauges.

    tags: charts-and-visualization html5-charts javascript javascript-library
    platform: Online Self-Hosted
  • Vis.js

  • vis.js is a dynamic, browser based visualization library. The library is designed to be easy to use, to handle large amounts of dynamic data, and to enable manipulation of and interaction with the data. The library consists of the components DataSet, Timeline, Network, Graph2d and Graph3d.

    tags: charts-and-visualization html5 javascript
    platform: Self-Hosted
  • PykCharts.js

  • 26+ well-designed, themeable, responsive, modular, real-time and easy to use charts and 109+ maps.

    tags: charting-library javascript-library visualization
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone iPad
  • jqPlot

  • jqPlot is a plotting and charting plugin for the jQuery Javascript framework. jqPlot produces beautiful line, bar and pie charts with many features

    tags: chart charting graphing javascript jquery
    platform: Online
  • ZoomCharts

  • The world's most interactive data visualization software.Supercharged touch-screen enabled HTML5 Graph and Chart library, written in fast cross-platform JavaScript, runs in all browsers.

    tags: html5 visualization data-visualization charts interactive
    platform: Online
  • uvCharts

  • uvCharts is a simple yet powerful JavaScript Charting library built using D3.js.

    tags: charting-library charts-and-visualization html5-charts javascript javascript-library
    platform: Self-Hosted
  • KoolChart

  • KoolChart is a reliable JavaScript library, implemented using an HTML5 canvas. The tool offers you a comprehensive charting solution, allowing you to add numerous visualization features in your web apps.

    tags: bar-chart charts html5-canvas javascript-library line-chart
    platform: Online JavaScript
  • ChartURL

  • Add rich, data-driven charts to web and mobile apps, Slack bots, and emails. Send us data, and we return an image that renders perfectly on all platforms.

    tags: analytics charts data-visualization email-marketing graphs
    platform: Online Self-Hosted
  • FancyGrid

  • FancyGrid is a professional product for any kind complexity: business analytics, CRUD applications, live data edit, tables(grids) for sites. FancyGrid is plugin-free library, it has no dependencies but integrated with jQuery, AngularJS. Its focus is on chart integration and server data communication.

    tags: angular grid javascript jquery table
    platform: Self-Hosted