ZigZag Number!

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ZigZag Number alternatives

  • 2048

  • 2048 is a popular sliding puzzle game written by 19 year old Italian designer Gabriele Chirulli based on 1024 which in turn was based on Threes! .

    tags: math-game puzzle-game threes-clone
    platform: Online Android iPhone PortableApps.com
  • Threes!

  • Threes! is an indie puzzle video game by Sirvo, an independent development team consisting of game designer Asher Vollmer, illustrator Greg Wohlwend, and composer Jimmy Hinson. The game was released on February 6, 2014 for iOS devices and later ported to Android by Hidden Variable Studios. In Threes, the player slides numbered tiles on a grid to combine addends and multiples of three. The game ends when there are no moves left on the grid and the tiles are counted for a final score.

    tags: educational math-game puzzle-game
    platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • 2048 by Uberspot

  • This is the android port of 2048 . It's nothing fancy, just a webview that loads the locally stored html files of the original game. It's playable without internet (the app doesn't require any permissions) and with a quick access icon for your smartphone.

    tags: 2048 2048-challenge 2048-game 2048-puzzle brain-teaser
    platform: Android Android Tablet
  • 4096 Number Puzzle - Double The Challenge

  • 4096 Number Puzzle for the iPhone and iPad, with new default mode, 6x6, 7x7 boards, Colorful themes are enabled and a lot more features.

    tags: games puzzle-game
    platform: iPhone iPad
  • Digit Disorder

  • Digit Disorder is a unique twist on the classic match-3 game. The primary goal is to fill the board with valid arithmetic expressions, while working around fun obstacles. Digit Disorder is easy to play, yet difficult to master!

    tags: match-game matching-game math-game numbers-game puzzle-game
    platform: Android
  • 2048+

  • Support Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse, play 2048 with joy.

    tags: 2048-game math-game puzzle-game threes-clone
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Open Flood

  • Open Flood is a simple, challenging and addictive puzzle game where you must fill the entire game board with a single color in less than the maximum number of steps allowed.

    tags: fill flood flood-fill puzzle-game
    platform: Android
  • addUp

  • addUp is an addictive and very challenging puzzle game. It's a trivial and fun puzzle, and a fastplayed version of 2048. With colorful tiles and smooth animated tile-movement. Swipe on the screen to move the tiles left, right, up or down. If two tiles meet they will create a new tile and the numbers will be added.

    tags: 2048-challenge addicting-game addictive-game puzzle-game
    platform: Windows Phone
  • 1024

  • Try this beautiful and addicted game, challenge your mind and imagination. From the kid to the king, grow your little characters, and try to make the final "2048"!

    tags: endless-gameplay math-game puzzle-game threes-clone
    platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • XOLT

  • XOLT - is an addictive number puzzle game in a beautiful Stonehenge theme.- WARNING -. Playing XOLT might increase your IQ!

    tags: 2048 games puzzle-game
    platform: Android iPhone iPad
  • 2048 Cubed (3D)

  • 2048 Cubed (3D) - Yet another clone of 2048 but in 3D.

    tags: 2048-game 3d-games brain-teaser endless-gameplay math-game
    platform: Online Android Android Tablet
  • 1024 game

  • Try the most addictive game in the World. Logical puzzle game. Join numbers and make 1024 tile. If you are genius make tile 2048.

    tags: 2048-game math-game puzzle-game threes-clone
    platform: Online Android
  • 2048 Alphabet

  • Version of the 2048 game - 2048 Alphabet wiht letters, ideal for people who do not like numbers.

    tags: 2048-game math-game puzzle-game threes-clone
    platform: Online Android
  • 243

  • 243 game is mathematical puzzle online game inspired by 2048 game. This is simular 2048 game with 5x5 grid.Try it. It's easy.

    tags: games math-game puzzle-game
    platform: Online Android
  • Lines 123

  • Lines 123 is a simple number puzzle game.

    tags: brain casual dot games get
    platform: Android iPhone iPad