Zerigo Managed DNS!

Managed DNS services. Leverage our global network for your DNS queries -- great for cloud services, fast updates, easy-to-use UI, API, reliable, lo...

Zerigo Managed DNS alternatives

  • No-IP

  • No-IP allows you to create up to 3 free Dynamics DNS hosts for private use. You will need to register for a free account, and either update your IP...

    tags: dns domain-name dynamic-dns dynamic-ip network-utility
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Dyn

  • Dynamic Network Services provides world-class DNS (Domain Name System) hosting and management services, domain registration, email services, networ...

    tags: dns domain-registration dynamic-dns dynamic-ip email-services
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Duck DNS

  • Duck DNS free dynamic DNS hosted on Amazon EC2.Duck DNS is a free service which will point a DNS (sub domains of duckdns.org) to an IP of your choice.

    tags: dns dns-hosting dynamic-dns dynamic-ip
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • zzzz.io

  • Free Dynamic DNS names for personal use - the perfect DynDNS replacement.

    tags: dns dns-hosting domain-forwarding domain-name domains
    platform: Online
  • ClouDNS.net

  • Free DNS, Managed DNS and DDoS Protected DNS hosting with included web redirects, mail forwards and Round-Robin load balancing. Instant updates in ...

    tags: dns dns-hosting free-dns
    platform: Online
  • Dynu Dynamic DNS

  • Dynu offers free dynamic DNS service for yourname.dynu.com and yourname.com. It has a simple API(update URL) and offers free update client software...

    tags: custom-dns dns-records dns-server domain-forwarding domains
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Zoneedit

  • ZoneEdit has long been a key provider of DNS services online. With over 600,000 zones under management, countless customers have trusted ZoneEdit f...

    tags: dns networking networking-tools networking-utilities
    platform: Online
  • DNS Made Easy

  • DNS Made Easy offers enterprise managed DNS and geographical load balancing services on a global IP Anycast DNS network with a 100% uptime guarantee.

    tags: api dns dns-hosting dynamic-dns enterprise
    platform: Online
  • Neustar UltraDNS DNS Services

  • Neustar UltraDNS provides a secure and reliable managed DNS service to help businesses enable and protect their online presence. UltraDNS ensures 1...

    tags: dns dns-hosting high-availability load-balancing managed-dns
    platform: Online
  • DNS.com

  • DNS.com is the leading provider of Managed DNS, Enterprise DNS, and Geo-locational DNS (GeoDNS) services. Offering Authoritative, Anycast and CDN D...

    tags: networking dns-hosting managed-dns cdn-dns-hosting geodns
    platform: Online
  • sftdyn

  • sftdyn - python dyndns/dynamic DNS server and updater for bind

    tags: bind dns dns-server python
    platform: Linux
  • IPrekt.com

  • IP-rekt is a free DDNS service that uses your browser to synchronize your dynamic IP with an address you can share. It was designed to be a quick a...

    tags: Discontinued Warning ddns dns dns-hosting
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Discontinued Warning
  • dd-ns.org

  • dd-ns.org is an ideal service for video surveillance, IP cameras and remote control, excellent for ftp, ssh and vpn services, Remote Desktop and we...

    tags: dns dynamic-dns file-transfer-protocol ip-camera remote-control
    platform: Online
  • GSLB.me

  • GSLB.me is a hosted, cloud-based highly reliable DNS and Global Server Load Balancing solution that provides full authoritative DNS services and DN...

    tags: dns dns-hosting dns-report dns-server dnssec
    platform: Online
  • PointDNS

  • Point is a fully managed DNS solution trusted by thousands of users and responsible for more than 220 000 domains worldwide.

    tags: dns dns-hosting domain-registration
    platform: Online