Yodeck alternatives

  • Xibo

  • Xibo is an open source digital signage solution, centrally managed via a web administration panel (PHP/MySQL) and distributed over a local network or the Internet to one or more clients (.NET for Windows / Python for Ubuntu) connected to display hardware (TV, Projector, etc). Multiple layouts, multiple content mediums, multiple schedules in multiple locations, are all free and easy with Xibo.

    tags: software-as-a-service digital-signage signage
    platform: Windows Linux Online Android
  • Screenly Pro

  • Screenly is the original and most popular Raspberry Pi based digital signage solution, powering over 10,000 screens around the world. Thanks to Screenly's easy, yet powerful CMS, anyone can build and manage their own digital signage network without fuzz. This is why customers ranging from small business to some of the largest companies in the world. Moreover, with Screenly's API, it's possible to integrate Screenly directly into other solutions, providing a seamless end-user experience. »

    tags: digital-signage iot-platform raspberry-pi web-based-digital-signage
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Kitcast Tv

  • Kitcast is a new kind of digital signage solution!

    tags: digital-signage digital-signage-platform digital-signage-software signage software-as-a-service
    platform: Apple TV
  • info-beamer

  • A unique digital signage software that enables perfectly smooth animation and transitions on the low cost Raspberry Pi computer. This enables stunning visualizations and effects that no other Raspberry Pi based solution offers.

    tags: cloud-based-digital-signage digital-signage digital-signage-platform digital-signage-software lua
    platform: Linux Online Raspberry Pi
  • Audience Measurement

  • goCount is the software for Digital Signage Audience Measurement, allowing you to count the number of views, estimate gender and age of the people with the help of a video cameras.

    tags: video-surveillance webcam-monitoring digital-signage cctv webcam-face-recognition
    platform: Windows
  • Monitors Anywhere

  • Monitors AnyWhere lets you control digital signage on up to 20 different content channels – anywhere in your building – and you control everything from a single PC. This solution can also include a Content Management System which will allow you to design beautiful layouts and update it from anywhere with an Internet connection.

    tags: digital-signage electronic-signs kiosk-browser multiple-desktops multiple-monitor-support
    platform: Windows Windows RT
  • Play Digital Signage

  • Digital signage sofware tends to be expensive and require a lot of training to operate. No more. Introducing Play Digital Signage - cheap and easy digital signage platform. It allows you to manage content and publish it to your screens in a matter of minutes.

    tags: cloud-based-digital-signage digital-signage digital-signage-software dooh
    platform: Online
  • Bizplay

  • Create and manage the information on TV screens in your business. Bizplay is hosted web-based digital signage software that makes content management a breeze.

    tags: content-management digital-signage narrowcasting presentation signage
    platform: Online
  • ScreenDrive

  • The ultimate software to drive Digital Displays…Manage unlimited remote screens and do it all with ease

    tags: digital-signage
    platform: Windows Android
  • Ystio

  • Ystio is a cloud based software that integrates the main internet platforms and services into your digital signage network.

    tags: content-management slideshow digital-signage signage digital-signage-software
    platform: Online
  • Dynamic Info Screen

  • Retail, Restaurants, Banks, Offices, Reception desks, Schools, etc.

    tags: advertising camera-monitoring communication-platform digital-signage display-kiosk
    platform: Windows
  • ISEO

  • ISEO is the universal technology in the field of media control and digital signage. The system is based on established standards, such as IP networks, PC-based computer hardware or tried and tested bus systems.

    tags: presentation digital-signage digital-signage-software info-screen infoscreen
    platform: Windows
  • OnSign TV

  • With full integration to Android players, OnSign TV is a powerful and easy to use professional digital signage platform.

    tags: digital-signage
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Android
  • Rise Vision

  • Manage an Unlimited Number of Displays Anywhere in the World

    tags: digital-signage signage
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Scala Digital Signage

  • By combining digital and traditional signage systems, Scala has become the world’s first connected signage company, offering the leading platform for content creation, management and distribution in digital signage networks, and the first unified platform for advertising management of both traditional and digital signage networks.

    tags: graphics presentation slideshow interface signage
    platform: Windows