Write or Die!

* Challenge your friends to see who can get their draft done quickest. * Realtime WPM speedometer and writing status racetrack * Chat in the main lobby or in rooms before and after writing * Autosave and automatic text download so you never lose a word * Great for teachers, one Pro account is enough to host a whole classroom * Invite friends to join you via Facebook and Twitter <sup>(further integration coming soon</sup> * Create your own customized room <sup>PRO]</sup> * Statistics (wordcount, average WPM, etc <sup>PRO]</sup>

Write or Die alternatives

  • Fighter's Block!

  • A very basic online writing app on GitHub, created by WriMo deadkanon for use during NaNoWriMo, with the basic idea of gamifying writing in a vein similar to Habitica. The goal is to defeat an enemy by reaching your target word count before running out of HP. Speeds and cosmetics can be adjusted via the Settings button; a new word count goal can be set via the User button.

    tags: games writing-editor github procrastination nanowrimo
  • The Most Dangerous Writing App

  • Write. Don't stop. If you stop typing for more than five minutes, all progress will be lost.

    tags: avoid-procrastination multiple-timers save-as-txt writing-editor
  • 4thewords

  • Writing encouragement through challenges, where the writer must write a certain number of words in a set time to defeat a monster.

    tags: avoid-procrastination entertainment-tool motivation text-editor writing-editor
  • Flowstate

  • The world is a hive of distractions, multi-tasking, and cultural ADD. Many have sat down to write, only to find hours have vanished with nothing to show but a trail of browser tabs and Wiki pages. Flowstate challenges the writer to turn on, tune in, and block out. It is a digital tool developed from ancient writing disciplines.

    tags: procrastination writing-editor
  • Freeflow

  • A free, web-based writing interface that erases your work after a few seconds of inactivity.

    tags: Discontinued focus workflow writing-editor