Vysor alternatives

  • MyPhoneExplorer

  • MyPhoneExplorer is a proprietary freeware desktop application allowing management of Sony Ericsson or Android mobile phones.

    tags: debian-package-compatibility file-explorer mobile-sync phone-manager screen-mirroring
    platform: Windows Android
  • Mobizen

  • With Mobizen you can control your Android device using a web browser, both via USB both via WiFi.

    tags: access-from-everywhere airplay android-mirror-to-desktop drag-and-drop file-transfer
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Android
  • Samsung SideSync

  • SideSync is a new PC-Mobile solution that enables screens, windows, and data to be shared easily. Share between a PC and a Galaxy smartphone, or between a Galaxy Tab and Galaxy smartphone.You can see exactly the same screen displayed on your smartphone or tablet on the other device. Then drag and drop files, type text messages on your keyboard, and much more.

    tags: computer-control-of-mobile file-transfer media-transfer mobile-backup mobile-sync
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Android Android Tablet
  • Androidscreencast

  • Desktop app to control an android device remotely using mouse and keyboard. Should work on Windows/Linux/MacOS with any Android device.

    tags: android-controller built-in-file-manager remote-control rooted-android video-recording
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • TeamViewer QuickSupport

  • Provide technical remote support to mobile devices from any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer! Whether it’s a single tablet or a deployed fleet of smartphones, TeamViewer mobile device support lets you connect to Android and iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) mobile devices through the TeamViewer QuickSupport app. Support mobile devices remotely, all from the convenience of your workstation.

    tags: microphone phone-screen screen-capture screen-mirroring screen-recorder
    platform: Android iPhone
  • dotPocket

  • dotPocket is an easy-to-use Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 application that allows you remotely control your Pocket PC using desktop computer screen, mouse and keyboard.

    tags: control-pocket-pc file-transfer remote-control screen-capture video-recording
    platform: Windows Windows Mobile
  • Pocket Controller

  • Pocket Controller is an application for Windows which allows you to control your Android, Blackberry or Pocket PC device from your desktop.

    tags: mobile-remote-control mobile-sync remote-control remote-display screen-mirroring
    platform: Windows Windows Mobile Android Blackberry
  • MyMobiler

  • The MyMobiler desktop application controls your Android device through USB connection or WiFi. It allows you to see your mobile device remotely and capture the screen or video. What you see in the desktop application is mirroring your device screen and you can interact with your device using the mouse and keyboard.

    tags: android-controller mobile-remote-control remote-control remote-desktop-access remote-display
    platform: Windows Windows Mobile Android
  • Parallels 2X MDM

  • Parallels 2X Mobile Device Management app allows you to take control of your mobile phone with your keyboard and mouse via Wifi using your web browser or via internet when connected to a Parallels 2X Mobile Device Management account.

    tags: android-controller mobile-remote-control remote-control remote-desktop-access
    platform: Windows Android
  • Monitordroid

  • Monitordroid allows you to easily administer your Android devices remotely, right from your web browser. Our software connects your tablets or phones to our servers or your own server, allowing you to manage your devices remotely and perform actions to support your enterprise, family, or personal needs. Getting started takes less than a minute.

    tags: android-apps development open-source-projects remote-administration remote-connection
    platform: Android Android Tablet
  • ActiveSync Remote Display

  • Display Pocket PC applications on your desktop or laptop without needing any device side configuration.

    tags: Discontinued mobile-remote remote-display windows-ce
    platform: Windows Discontinued