VxStream Sandbox!

Analysis Environment: VMs Windows 7 32 bit 5/20 Android Static Analysis Windows 7 64-bit Private Cloud Analysis Options Runtime action script : Heavy Anti-Evasion Random desktop files Random desktop theme Open Internet Explorer Default analysis Default browser analysis

VxStream Sandbox alternatives

  • Cuckoo Sandbox

  • Cuckoo Sandbox is a modular, automated malware analysis system. Running from command-line on a Linux or Mac host, it uses python and virtualization (VirtualBox, QEMU-KVM, etc) to create an isolated Windows guest environment to safely and automatically run and analyze files to collect comprehensive file behavior analysis. These results outline what the malware does while running inside an isolated Windows operating system, including Win32 API calls, files created/deleted, memory dumps, network traffic trace, screenshots of execution behavior, and full memory dumps of virtual machines. ยป

    tags: command-line-interface monitor-changes virtual-machines sandboxing malware-analysis
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online