Vue.js - Intuitive, Fast and Composable MVVM for building interactive interfaces.

Vue.js alternatives

  • AngularJS

  • HTML is great for declaring static documents, but it falters when we try to use it for declaring dynamic views in web-applications. AngularJS lets ...

    tags: built-in-routing developer-tools dynamic-html framework javascript
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • React

  • A JavaScript library for building user interfaces by Facebook.

    tags: developer-tools javascript-development javascript-library modular-system ui-framework
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Polymer

  • Polymer is a library that uses the latest web technologies to let you create custom HTML elements. Build anything from a button to a complete appli...

    tags: developer-tools framework javascript-development mvc web-development
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • ember.js

  • You can write less code with Ember's Handlebars integrated templates that update automatically when the underlying data changes.

    tags: javascript javascript-library mvc-pattern
    platform: Online JavaScript
  • Backbone.js

  • Backbone supplies structure to JavaScript-heavy applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich ...

    tags: framework javascript javascript-library mvc
    platform: Online
  • KnockoutJS

  • Knockout is a JavaScript library that helps you to create rich, responsive display and editor user interfaces with a clean underlying data model. A...

    tags: developer-tools framework javascript javascript-library mvc
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Mojo.JS

  • A non-opinionated, totally customizable JavaScript framework designed for writing programs that scale across any platform.

    tags: front-end javascript mvc mvvm mvw
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • slim.js

  • Lightning fast web authoring library targeted at creating web components with data binding, repeaters and more features.

    tags: javascript web-components
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • RiotJS

  • Riot lets you build user interfaces with custom tags using simple and enjoyable syntax. It uses a virtual DOM similar to React but faster. Riot is ...

    tags: framework frontend javascript library riot
    platform: Online
  • Microsoft Web Framework

  • MWF works together as a series of page types, modules, and components. It’s a system that allows site authors to consider how best to tell the stor...

    tags: web-framework
    platform: Self-Hosted
  • Cyclow

  • Cyclow is a new reactive frontend framework for JavaScript

    tags: framework frontend javascript
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • NX framework

  • The NX core is a tiny library, responsible for one thing only. It allows you to create and combine components and middlewares. A component excutes ...

    tags: easy-to-use framework javascript web-development
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Marko

  • Marko is a modern, progressive UI library built and used by eBay for fast and friendly web development. It provides an elegant and readable syntax ...

    tags: development-library ui-framework
    platform: Self-Hosted
  • Preact

  • Preact is a fast UI framework with the same same ES6 API as React but just 3kB in size. Virtual DOM Components and high React compatibility help wi...

    tags: frontend javascript-development javascript-library ui-framework user-interface
    platform: Self-Hosted
  • Rax

  • Rax is a universal JavaScript library built and used by that has a largely React compatible API.

    tags: frontend javascript-library ui-framework web-development
    platform: Self-Hosted