Voxel Builder!

Voxel Builder lets you easily create and edit 3D voxel graphics right in your browser. Simply select a colored block and click to draw. Zoom in and...

* * **Voxel Builder** is an open source tool that lets anyone design and edit 3D voxel (cube models easily, right in their web browser. Use the Builder http://voxelbuilder.com/edit
to create and edit voxel (AKA cube models.

Voxel Builder alternatives

  • MagicaVoxel

  • MagicaVoxel is a free lightweight 8-bit voxel editor and path tracing renderer.

    tags: modeling voxel voxel-editor
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • VoxelShop

  • VoxelShop is an extremely intuitive and powerful, open-source and cross-platform, voxel object creator and editor.

    tags: voxels
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Goxel

  • Use goxel to create and edit voxel graphics (3D images formed of cubes) using a simple but very intuitive editor interface.

    tags: modeler modeling modeling-tool voxel voxel-editor
    platform: Windows Linux
  • Qubicle Voxel Editor

  • Qubicle is a professional voxel editor that enables you to easily design charming 3D models with a unique blocky style. Big hits like Crossy Road a...

    tags: modeling voxel-editor
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Steam
  • Project Vox

  • A free voxel editor from Big Bad Wofl.

    tags: Discontinued voxel-editor
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • Slab6

  • Slab6 is a voxel editor that Edits, VOX, KV6, and KVX files.

    tags: voxels voxel-editor kv6 kvx
    platform: Windows Wine