VoteIT alternatives

  • Loomio

  • Loomio is a user-friendly web app that works on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Fast, inclusive, and effective decisions can be your new normal.

    tags: decision-making real-time-collaboration slack-integration
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • DemocracyOS

  • DemocracyOS is an open source app for collaborative decision making and the easy governance of organisations and communities.

    tags: democracy politics
    platform: Online Self-Hosted
  • CivilHub

  • CivilHub is a free and open-source platform written in Python & Django for the purpose of collaboration in local civic communities.

    tags: cities civic civil civil-engineering countries
    platform: Online
  • Owlie

  • Owlie is the easy way to ask questions, create polls and gather opinions from your friends in order to make choices. Reach decisions faster with Owlie's artificial intelligence that provides context-based recommendations.

    tags: social-network decision-making
    platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • Airesis

  • Airesis is a free software platform, built by a team of Italian developers and contributors, to enable communities and groups to organize themselves in a productive manner according to the principles of direct democracy and participation.

    tags: decision-making democracy javascript organization postgresql
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Self-Hosted Ruby Redis JavaScript PostgreSQL Apache Solr
  • LiquidFeedback

  • Online voting system (german & english) for Interactive Democracy, which is used by the Pirate Parties:

    tags: surveys poll vote voting politics
    platform: Linux
  • GlassFrog

  • GlassFrog is a cloud-based software tool that makes Holacracy transparent and accessible, end-to-end.

    tags: api conference decisionmaking holacracy meetings
    platform: Online
  • PlaceAVote

  • We are building the world's most secure voting platform and building a platform for people to run for congress that will bring back representation to our democracy. If you vote a PlaceAVote candidate into office (70 are currently running in the 2016 elections), all bills that come before congress will be put on, you get to vote on that issue and the votes are added up and your congressperson proxies the majority vote back into congress.

    tags: debates decision-making democracy politics social-network
    platform: Online Android iPhone