Vopt alternatives

  • Defraggler

  • It differs from other defrag tools on the market, by enabling you to quickly and simply defrag the files you want to, without having to process the whole drive. You can defrag only if the computer is idle for a definable time, so Defraggler does not slow down the computer if you work on more important tasks. Defraggler also lets you defragment multiple drives on the same PC, using different schedules.Defraggler uses the Windows Task Scheduler to enable you to set it for future defragging. Simply tell it how often you want it to defrag a drive (once, daily, weekly or monthly). Then it will go ahead on its own, tirelessly defragging your computer whenever you need it to.You can defragment your main C: drive every night, and your external D: hard drive every week. It's up to you.Simply run it, select the file and defragment in seconds. No more struggling with the Windows defragmentation tool!An original portable version exists, but it is not easy to find: http://www.piriform.com/defraggler/download . »

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    platform: Windows
  • UltraDefrag

  • UltraDefrag is powerful and fast defragmentation tool for Windows. There are three interfaces to them: graphical, console and native. The GUI is useful, because it represents your filesystem visually as a color-coded cluster map. The console is another option for those that prefer the command line. It allows you to run UltraDefrag from the task scheduler and scripts. Finally, the native executable will run at boot time in a manner similar to chkdsk. The design of UltraDefrag is very simple. There are no skins and other unnecessary stuff. It is a small and powerful program! »

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    platform: Windows PortableApps.com
  • Auslogics Disk Defrag

  • Disk fragmentation leads to system slowdowns, PC crashes, slow startup and shutdown and sometimes to system failures. Auslogics Disk Defrag is designed for fast optimization of todays modern hard disks. Get the maximum performance out of your expensive hardware investments.

    tags: Portable Bundleware defragmentation increase-performance
    platform: Windows Bundleware
  • MyDefrag

  • MyDefrag (previously JkDefrag) is a disk defragmenter and optimizer (a maintenance utility to make your harddisk faster) for Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, Win7, and for X64. It is freeware, no time limit, fully functional, no advertisements. Fast, low overhead, with many optimization strategies, can handle floppies, USB disks, memory sticks, and anything else that looks like a disk to Windows. Included are a set of easy to use scripts for endusers, a scripting engine for demanding users, a screensaver, and a combined Windows plus commandline version that can be scheduled by the Windows task scheduler or for use from administrator scripts. »

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    platform: Windows PortableApps.com Discontinued
  • IObit Smart Defrag

  • [Be careful during the installation: Forum ]

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    platform: Windows PortableApps.com
  • O&O Defrag

  • O&O Defrag packs file fragments quickly and securely back together to optimize your hard disk under Windows. You can now see what the program does for your system thanks to graphics and statistics, which give you a before-and-after Defrag contrast. Its functionality ranges from a fully automated defragmentation to an individual professional set up. It can do everything a truly good defragmentation software should be able to do.The new background monitoring function helps to prevent fragmentation at source. Newly added and modified files are analyzed and defragmented whenever they are not being accessed. O&O Defrag makes sure that your hard disk is constantly performing at its peak. »

    tags: optimization defragmentation increase-performance speed-up-computer harddrive
    platform: Windows
  • PerfectDisk

  • PerfectDisk is a disk defragmenter with a variety of advanced disk management features. It supports automatic background defragmentation, flexible scheduling options, and boot-time defragmentation of locked system files. PerfectDisk's innovations, such as the patented SMARTPlacement optimization, free space consolidation with Space Restoration Technology, large drive support, and single-pass defrag, to name a few, continue to set the bar for the defrag market.

    tags: optimization defragmentation increase-performance
    platform: Windows
  • WinContig

  • WinContig is an easy-to-use stand-alone defragmentation tool that doesn't create any installation directories or Registry entries on your computer. Its purpose is to quick defrag files without the need to defrag the whole disk. In addition, WinContig allows you to group files into profiles, and also it accepts a number of optional command-line switches that you can use to control how the program operates.

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    platform: Windows
  • Windows Disk Defragmenter

  • Disk Defragmenter is a computer program included in Microsoft Windows designed to increase access speed by rearranging files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations, a technique commonly known as defragmenting. The purpose is to optimize the time it takes to read and write files to/from the disk by minimizing head travel time and maximizing the transfer rate. Disk Defragmenter is also used to improve system startup times.

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    platform: Windows
  • Puran Defrag

  • Puran Defrag is a very simple disk defragmenter which will defrag the files and optimize your system, collecting all the fragments of a file and putting them together, as well as moving some frequently used files and all directories to faster disk areas. This process boosts your hard disk performance and thus overall system speed. In addition it reduces wear and tear on your hard disk, thereby increasing its life span.

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    platform: Windows
  • Condusiv Diskeeper

  • Diskeeper 16 is a unique approach to Defrag, the effort of arranging files on the physical disk/media to improve speed and performance.

    tags: defragmentation disk-cache ram-caching
    platform: Windows
  • Ashampoo HDD Control

  • Ashampoo HDD Control 2 provides complete monitoring of your hard drive(s). The software supports not only all common IDE and serial ATA hard drive(s), but also provides improved support for external USB hard drives and solid state drives (SSDs).

    tags: benchmarking cleaner data-protection data-recovery defragmentation
    platform: Windows
  • Stellar Drive Defrag

  • Stellar Drive Defrag optimises and defrags OS X Mac Yosemite hard drives. Defrag support is extended to Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard. The software remove fragmentations from small and large files and enhance overall Mac performance. Stellar Drive Defrag for Mac consists of 4 powerful algorithms to defrag Macintosh HD. User can also optimize the free space available on the disk drive. Further, this tool monitors temperature of the hard drive and indicates if it goes beyond the limit. To defrag startup drive of Mac, user can create boot DVD with the help of Stellar Drive Defrag software. Different user licenses are available for Single and Multiple Mac OS X. »

    tags: disk-usage disk-space defragmentation disk-management disk-maintenance
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Power Defragmenter

  • Power Defragmenter is a very advanced GUI for Contig, which takes defragmentation process to a whole new level.

    tags: Portable hard-drive defragmentation
    platform: Windows
  • DiskTuna

  • DiskTuna is an easy to use, on-demand, no frills disk optimizer and defragmentation utility for FAT, FAT32 and NTFS formatted drives. Through a simple to use mechanism you can create ‘jobs’ that enable you to schedule or launch disk optimization with just one click. DiskTuna is freeware. DiskTuna reorganizes your disk and will make it faster and more responsive.

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    platform: Windows