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VoltDB alternatives

  • SQLite

  • SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world. The source code for SQLite is in the public domain.

    tags: database embedded-database import-from-sqlserver rdbms sql
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Android iPhone Self-Hosted
  • PostgreSQL

  • PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. It has more than 15 years of active development and a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness. It runs on all major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Mac OS X, Solaris, Tru64), and Windows. It is fully ACID compliant, has full support for foreign keys, joins, views, triggers, and stored procedures (in multiple languages). It includes most SQL:2008 data types, including INTEGER, NUMERIC, BOOLEAN, CHAR, VARCHAR, DATE, INTERVAL, and TIMESTAMP. It also supports storage of binary large objects, including pictures, sounds, or video. It has native programming interfaces for C/C++, Java, .Net, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, ODBC, among others, and exceptional documentation. »

    tags: database object-relational-database sql
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD
  • MySQL Community Edition

  • MySQL Community Edition is a freely downloadable version of the world's most popular open source database that is supported by an active community of open source developers and enthusiasts.

    tags: database rdbms sql t-sql
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD
  • MariaDB

  • MariaDB is a backward compatible, drop-in replacement of the MySQL® Database Server. It includes all major open source storage engines.

    tags: database database-free sql
    platform: Windows Linux BSD
  • MongoDB

  • MongoDB (from "humongous") is a scalable, high-performance, open source NoSQL database. The database is document-oriented so it manages collections of JSON-like documents. Many applications can thus model data in a more natural way, as data can be nested in complex hierarchies and still be query-able and indexable.

    tags: database database-replication document-database gridfs indexed
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online BSD
  • Redis

  • Redis (REmote DIctionary Server) is an open-source, networked, in-memory, key-value data store with optional durability. It is often referred to as a data structure server since keys can contain strings, hashes, lists, sets and sorted sets.

    tags: database developer-tools development in-memory-database in-memory-distributed-cache
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Self-Hosted
  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • SQL Server delivers on Microsoft’s Data Platform vision by helping your organization manage your data by enabling you to store data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents within the database.

    tags: database rdbms relation-database sql t-sql
    platform: Windows
  • CouchDB

  • Apache CouchDB is a distributed, fault-tolerant and schema-free document-oriented database accessible via a RESTful HTTP / JSON API. It includes incremental map / reduce mechanics for queries and keeps data safe with an append-only datastore.

    tags: database developer-tools http javascript json
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Android BSD
  • RethinkDB

  • RethinkDB pushes JSON to your apps in realtime.

    tags: Discontinued database distributed-database json nosql
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Discontinued
  • Oracle Database

  • Oracle Database delivers industry leading performance, scalability, security and reliability on a choice of clustered or single-servers running Windows, Linux, and UNIX. It provides comprehensive features to easily manage the most demanding transaction processing, business intelligence, and content management applications.

    tags: business-database database rdbms sap
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • CockroachDB

  • Cockroach is a distributed key/value datastore which supports ACID transactional semantics and versioned values as first-class features. The primary design goal is global consistency and survivability, hence the name. Cockroach aims to tolerate disk, machine, rack, and even datacenter failures with minimal latency disruption and no manual intervention. Cockroach nodes are symmetric; a design goal is one binary with minimal configuration and no required auxiliary services.

    tags: acid-transactional-semantics business-database business-intelligence developer-tools json
    platform: Mac OS X Linux BSD
  • CouchBase

  • Couchbase is the NoSQL database market share leader, with production deployments at AOL, Deutsche Post, NTT Docomo, Salesforce.com, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Zynga and hundreds of other organizations worldwide. Couchbase products enable a more flexible, scalable, high-performance, and cost-effective approach to data management than relational database solutions and are particularly well suited for web applications deployed on virtualized or cloud infrastructures, and mobile applications requiring real-time data synchronization between devices and the cloud. Couchbase is a privately held company funded by Accel Partners, Ignition Partners, Mayfield Fund and North Bridge Venture Partners. www.couchbase.com »

    tags: database nosql
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Firebird

  • Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL-92 features that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. Firebird offers excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers. It has been used in production systems, under a variety of names since 1981. Firebird is a commercially independent project of C and C++ programmers, technical advisors and supporters developing and enhancing a multi-platform relational database management system based on the source code released by Inprise Corp (now known as Borland Software Corp) under the InterBase Public License v.1.0 on 25 July, 2000. »

    tags: database firebird mysql postgresql sql
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • H2 Database Engine

  • H2 is a relational database management system written in Java. It can be embedded in Java applications or run in the client-server mode. The disk footprint (size of the jar file) is about 1 MB.

    tags: database rdbms sql
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Apache HBase

  • HBase is an open source, non-relational, distributed database modeled after Google's BigTable and is written in Java. It is developed as part of Apache Software Foundation's Apache Hadoop project and runs on top of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed Filesystem), providing BigTable-like capabilities for Hadoop. That is, it provides a fault-tolerant way of storing large quantities of sparse data.

    tags: database developer-tools
    platform: Linux Online