Vole Windows Expedition!

Vole Windows Expedition alternatives

  • Total Commander

  • tags: Portable built-in-player directory-sync document-viewer dual-pane
  • Double Commander

  • Double Commander is a cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side. It is inspired by Total Commander and features some new ideas.

    tags: commander dark-theme dual-pane file-compare file-explorer
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD
  • FreeCommander

  • FreeCommander is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. The program helps you with daily work in Windows. Here you can find all the necessary functions to manage your data stock. You can take FreeCommander anywhere – just copy the installation directory on a CD or USB-Stick – and you can evenwork with this program on a foreign computer.

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    platform: Windows PortableApps.com
  • File Explorer

  • File Explorer, previously known as Windows Explorer, is a file manager application that is included with releases of the Microsoft Windows operating system from Windows 95 onwards. It provides a graphical user interface for accessing the file systems. It is also the component of the operating system that presents many user interface items on the monitor such as the taskbar and desktop. Controlling the computer is possible without Windows Explorer running (for example, the File | Run command in Task Manager on NT-derived versions of Windows will function without it, as will commands typed in a command prompt window). Located in the C:\Windows directory, it is sometimes referred to as the Windows shell, explorer.exe, or simply "Explorer". »

    tags: file-compression file-explorer file-management file-search file-storage
    platform: Windows
  • XYplorer

  • XYplorer is a file manager for Windows. It features tabbed browsing, a powerful file search, a versatile preview, a highly customizable interface, optional dual pane, scripting engine, and a large array of unique ways to efficiently automate frequently recurring tasks. It’s fast, light, and portable.

    tags: Portable batch-file-renamer batch-processing dual-pane duplicate-file-finder
    platform: Windows
  • Directory Opus

  • Directory Opus provides a complete replacement for Explorer with far more power and functionality than any other file manager available today.Just some of the features include: Single or dual pane file display and treesFolder tabs let you keep multiple folders open and switch quickly between themQuickly filter, sort, group and search your foldersSupport for FTP, Zip, 7Zip, RAR and many other archive formatsViewer pane lets you preview images, documents and moreBatch renaming, view and edit file metadataBuilt-in tools including synchronize and duplicate file finderCalculate folder sizes and print or export folder listingsQueue multiple file copies for improved performanceSupport for CD/DVD burningFull support for Windows 7 features like indexed search and jumplistsColor-code your files and folders or assign star ratingsFully configurable user interface - toolbars, keyboard hotkeys and much more can be tailored to suit your needsEfficient, multi-threaded, modern designMuch much more! »

    tags: batch-file-renamer dual-pane duplicate-file-finder explorer-replacements file-management
    platform: Windows
  • Q-Dir

  • Q-Dir makes your files and folder easy to manage. Fast and easy access, with an amazing Quadro-View (4 panes) technique. You dont have to renounce the usual, Drag and Drop, all Views, and other functions of your system. No! Q-Dir gives you other nice functions, that make you happy. One can save many hand moves and also time!

    tags: Portable color-filter customizable drag-and-drop explorer-replacements
    platform: Windows PortableApps.com
  • Multi Commander

  • Multi Commander has a lot of file manager features. This list It is not even close to complete. There are so many features and tweaks in Multi Commander that not everything can be listed here.

    tags: Portable explorer-replacements extensible file-management folders
    platform: Windows
  • One Commander

  • One Commander (previously bitCommander) is a Windows file manager (Windows 7, 8 and 10) with improved Miller Columns (OSX Finder's column view) and two-panel support. It simplifies file management with intelligent file representation, relative file dates (shown as days since creation), ToDo notes in any folder, batch file processing without interrupting for copying errors, and much more.Windows Store version: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NBLGGH4S79B

    tags: Portable batch-file-renamer commander dark-theme dual-pane
    platform: Windows
  • muCommander

  • muCommander is a cross-platform file manager that will run on any operating system which supports Java. It features a Norton Commander style interface to allow easy manipulation of files with many keyboard shortcuts. Pre-compiled builds are available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris, *BSD, etc.

    tags: Portable dual-pane file-management ssh ssh-client
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online BSD Java
  • Explorer++

  • Explorer++ is a free file manager for Windows. Available on Windows XP and above, it features the same familiar interface as Windows Explorer, while introducing several enhancements and improvements for a much richer file browsing experience.

    tags: Discontinued Portable file-explorer file-management portable-file-managers
    platform: Windows PortableApps.com Discontinued
  • Forklift

  • "Dual pane file manager and SFTP/FTP client for Mac OS XForkLift is designed to be the fastest, most powerful file manager for the Mac. Connect to FTP or SFTP servers, manage your Amazon S3 account or your mobile devices over Bluetooth. All these features are beautifully integrated into a sophisticated, yet easy to use Cocoa based interface. Dual-pane view will dramatically increase your productivity along with state-of-the-art features like live preview, spring loaded folders and any-to-any workflow. All this to be topped by tabs, to keep your workspace nice and clean." »

    tags: commander dark-theme dualpane file-management file-transfer
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Commander One

  • Commander One is dual-pane file manager for OS X created in Swift, which enables you to manage your files in the best possible way.

    tags: archiving bonjour compressor dropbox dual-pane
    platform: Mac OS X
  • trolCommander

  • trolCommander - fork of the free and opensource muCommander filemanager. trolCommander is a lightweight, cross-platform file manager with a dual-pane interface with tabbed navigation and rich functionality. It runs on any operating system with Java support. It supports multiple virtual systems - FTP, SFTP, SMB, NFS, HTTP, Amazon S3, Hadoop HDFS and Bonjour. muCommander can browse, create and uncompress ZIP, RAR, 7z, TAR, GZip, BZip2, ISO/NRG, AR/Deb and LST archives »

    tags: built-in-terminal built-in-viewer djvu dual-pane file-management
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • CubicExplorer

  • CubicExplorer is a file manager which is aimed to replace Windows Explorer. It’s goal is to be easy and pleasant to use but still have enough power for more advanced usage. Its key features are tabs and bookmarks. It also has sessions, filtering, file previews, search and many more features

    tags: Discontinued Portable bookmarks built-in-text-editor customizable
    platform: Windows PortableApps.com Discontinued