Singleplayer is not enough for you? Multiplayer in VoidExpanse features fully persistent worlds, turning each server into a mini MMO. Create your own galaxy to discover with custom mods installed, or play on any existing servers that other people have created. Ally with other players or destroy them! The game features a very diverse skill system with several separate categories: piloting, combat, engineering and social each complete with several separate skill trees. More than a hundred skills total covering all areas of progression within the world of VoidExpanse.

VoidExpanse alternatives

  • Endless Sky

  • Explore other star systems. Earn money by trading, carrying passengers, or completing missions. Use your earnings to buy a better ship or to upgrade the weapons and engines on your current one. Blow up pirates. Take sides in a civil war. Or leave human space behind and hope to find some friendly aliens whose culture is more civilized than your own...

    tags: exploration-game games role-playing-game sandbox sandbox-game
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Space Pirates and Zombies

  • At its core, Space Pirates and Zombies is an action based, skill oriented, top down space combat game. It’s similar to the ones we knew and loved in years past, but now using full physics simulation and modern graphics for those oh so pretty explosions. But as you dig deeper, SPAZ becomes much more.

    tags: adventure-game exploration-game games open-world space-game
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Steam
  • Captain Forever

  • Described as "Meccano Asteroids", Captain Forever lets you pilot your own modular spacecraft, while simultaneously constructing it.

    tags: browser-game games space-game
    platform: Online
  • Reassembly

  • You're too busy crafting the perfect vessel, a spaceship pristine and precise and, perhaps, powerful, agile, and envy-inducing. Your shapes and colors will induce both fear and wonder into the electronic hearts of whatever insectoid, angley, squarish, plantlike race of alien ships that you come across in your digital safari.

    tags: exploration-game games sandbox-game space-game top-down-perspective
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Steam
  • Captain Forever Remix

  • Captain Forever Remix is an officially-licensed re-imagining of the indie classic Captain Forever.

    tags: games space-game space-shooter spaceship-building-game
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Steam
  • Destination Sol

  • Destination Sol is a free-to-play hardcore space arcade/RPG. You start as a pilot of a small fighter ship on the edge of a star system, and you're free to explore the game world, land on planets, fight with enemies, upgrade your ship and equipment, hire mercenaries, mine asteroids, and more.

    tags: exploration-game games open-world procedural-generation sandbox-game
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Android Android Tablet Steam
  • The Ur-Quan Masters

  • A massive, space adventure game based on the original Star Control game series.

    tags: adventure-game games single-player space space-game
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD
  • Unending Galaxy

  • Unending Galaxy is a top down 2D sandbox, simulation and strategy game based in space. The game allows you to play at any level from being a small time pirate to the ruler of a large empire. You can fight, trade, explore, build factories, and amass a fleet to form your own faction and conquer others’. The universe is dynamic and fully simulated, NPC ships live their own lives, factions are able to conquer territories and conduct diplomacy while their economy influences their military production and capacity. Missions are generated based on what’s actually going on in the galaxy, instead of what is usually the other way around. »

    tags: exploration-game games sandbox-game space-game strategy-game
    platform: Windows