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Voice Calculator alternatives

  • RealCalc Scientific Calculator

  • RealCalc Scientific CalculatorAndroid's #1 Scientific Calculator. A fully featured scientific calculator which looks and operates like the real thing.Looking for fractions? Degrees/minutes/seconds? Landscape mode? You need RealCalc Plus. See elsewhere on this page for the link, or select 'Upgrade' from the RealCalc menu.RealCalc includes the following features:* Traditional algebraic or RPN operation* Result history* Unit conversions* Physical constants table* Percentages* 10 memories* Binary, octal, and hexadecimal* Trig functions in degrees, radians or grads* Scientific, engineering and fixed-point display modes* Configurable digit grouping and decimal point* Full built-in help* A complete lack of advertisingRealCalc Plus contains all these features, plus:* Fraction calculations and conversion to/from decimal* Degrees/minutes/seconds calculations and conversion* Landscape mode* User-customizable unit conversions* User-customizable constantsIf you find RealCalc useful, please consider purchasing RealCalc Plus to support further development. Thank you.FAQ:* If you want data size conversions in multiples of 1024, use kibibytes, mebibytes, gibibytes, etc - see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kibibyte.* If the percent key appears to give wrong answers, make sure you are pressing '=' at the end, e.g. '25 + 10 % =' will give 27.5.* If sin/cos/tan functions don't give the answer you are expecting, make sure you are in the correct angle mode. Degrees, radians and grads are supported, indicated by DEG, RAD, GRAD in the display. Use the DRG key to change mode.* If any of the digit keys are disabled, or the decimal point doesn't work, or you have answers with letters in, or basic arithmetic appears to be wrong, then you are in binary, octal or hexadecimal mode. Press DEC to return to decimal operation. If you don't need these modes, please make sure that 'Enable Radix Modes' is disabled in the settings.Please read the help for more information. »

    tags: calculator mathematics scientific-calculator unit-converter
    platform: Android

  • CALCU is a simple, yet beautiful and powerful calculator.Customize the keypad as your need, change theme as your taste, CALCU is the calculator made just for you!

    tags: calculator
    platform: Android
  • handyCalc

  • handyCalc is a powerful calculator with automatic suggestion and solving which makes it easier to learn and use.With almost all the features you can imagine on a calculator, waiting for you to explore.

    tags: automatic-suggestions calculator currency-converter engineering-notation unit-converter
    platform: Android
  • Mathdroid

  • A calculator for Android.

    tags: algebra algebric calculator multiline
    platform: Android
  • UseTool

  • UseTool combines converter and calculator in one app and lets you customize the interface by your own taste. We tried to pick for you the most frequently converted values such as temperature, length, area, power etc. and some nice features like fuel consumption, design and android specific metrics for people who don't like to switch between different apps to find an appopriate convertion. Features: - integrates converter and calcultor in one cohasive app, - interface customization (color, font style, background), - saves your calculation history and convertion preferences, - common and specific values for convertion - usable 7 and 10 inches tablet design Try it and give your feedback, we will try our best to support you and to accustom the app for your needs! »

    tags: calculator
    platform: Android
  • eCalc Scientific Calculator

  • An easy to use scientific calculator with many advanced features to help you solve algebra, trigonometry, and engineering math problems. The calculator comes with six attractive color schemes and a side bar that slides open for additional functionality.

    tags: calculator scientific-calculator unit-converter widget
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Calculate

  • A math expression calculator with persistent memory for variables and functions. Any JavaScript expression can be evaluated.

    tags: calculator widget
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Arithmate Pro Calculator

  • A modern, scientific calculator that is easy to use. While other calculators display only one number at a time, this one shows you the whole expression you are inputting, leading to a much more user friendly experience.

    tags: calculator latex mathematics scientific-calculator students
    platform: Android
  • Arity

  • Arity is a calculator app that's fast and simple to use, and powerful.

    tags: calculator complex-number mathematics scientific-calculator scientific-plotting
    platform: Android
  • Calculator Pro

  • Calculator Pro for iPad Free is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. The app features two calculators sporting elegant interface that won't leave anyone indifferent. Users who want to make basic calculations will definitely enjoy the standard option while math gurus will find it very handy to use a scientific calculator in landscape mode.

    tags: calculator scientific-calculator
    platform: iPad
  • makina

  • The only gesture-based calculator on the Play Store.makina |m??ki?n??|Nounthe calculator application making arithmetic calculations using gesture-based controls

    tags: calculator gesture-control gestures minimalistic
    platform: Android
  • Solve - A colorful calculator

  • Solve is a calculator like no other! Solve solves expressions as you type and features an innovative memory system to store and recall answers. Simply touch the answer to store it and touch the stored answer to use it in an expression.Solve has four tabs that select four different calculators each with its own color. Multiply numbers, calculate a tip and find a square root all without clearing your results!Plot graphs with a single touch! Solve plots 2D and 3D functions using the x, y and ? variables. When you use the x, y and ? variables in an equation the answer will say Touch to Plot. Touch this label to graph the equation.GRAPHINGPlot functions using the x variable. For example, "y=sin(x)" is just entered as "sin(x)".• cos(x)• abs(x)• x^2+2x+6POLAR GRAPHINGPlot polar equations using the ? variable. For example, "r=2?" is just entered as "2?".• 2?• sin(2?)3D GRAPHINGPlot 3D functions by using the x and y variables. For example, "z=x+y" is just entered as "x+y".• cos(x)+sin(y)• x^2+y^2PLOT MULTIPLE GRAPHSGraph multiple functions by separating each equation with a comma. • sin(x),cos(x)• x,x^2,x^3TIME GRAPHINGThe T variable is used to create animated or time plots. • cos(x+T)• sin(x+T)*x• cos(x+T)+sin(y+T) »

    tags: calculator colors scientific-calculator
    platform: Android Android Tablet