VodBurner is a Skype video recorder which creates complete video productions directly from Skype calls. It record both sides of any Skype video con...

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VodBurner alternatives

  • Skype Call Recorder

  • Skype Call Recorder is an open source tool that allows you to record your Skype calls on Linux (experimental version for Windows). Current features...

    tags: audio-recording skype-recorder call-recording
    platform: Windows Linux
  • Call Recorder

  • Record Mac Skype Calls - Automatically record and save call audio and video on your Mac.

    tags: skype-recorder skype-video-recorder
    platform: Mac OS X Skype
  • Pamela for Skype

  • A versatile and easy to use Skype audio and video recording software.

    tags: audio-recording call-recording skype-addon skype-enhancement skype-recorder
    platform: Windows Skype
  • SaltyBeer Skype Recorder

  • Record your Mac Skype CallsAn easy way to record Skype calls and podcast interviews.Great for lessons, interviews or just having fun

    tags: skype-recorder skype call-recording skype-video-recorder
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Athtek Skype Recorder

  • Best Skype Recorder help you to record calls in high quality audio and video formats automatically. It can also be used in Skype interviews and cal...

    tags: audio-recording skype skype-recorder video-capture voice-chat
    platform: Windows
  • Magic Camera

  • Magic Camera is an all-in-one suite for webcam video management.

    tags: msn-messenger msn-recorder multi-language skype-recorder webcam-effects
    platform: Windows
  • IMCapture for Skype

  • IMCapture for Skype (formerly SkypeCap) captures and records audio and video calls made from Skype. Recorded audio calls are saved as MP3, WMA or A...

    tags: audio-recording skype-recorder call-recording skype-video-recorder
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Video Chat Recorder

  • One click is all it takes to capture any video including web-cam chats and video calls. Video Chat Recorder by Zebra-Media is designed to record/sa...

    tags: webcam-recorder skype-recorder webcam-snapshot chat-record video-chat-recorder
    platform: Windows Online
  • SuperTintin

  • Supertintin records both audio and video streams in Skype/MSN chat.

    tags: skype-recorder call-recording skype-video-recorder webcam-recorder
    platform: Windows Skype Windows Live Messenger
  • Callnote Audio Video Call Recorder

  • Callnote Premium is a Free application that allows to record Skype, Google+ Hangouts, FaceTime, Viber, Facebook, GoToMeeting and WebEx Audio and Vi...

    tags: built-in-editor call-recording cloud-sync dropbox-sync evernote-integration
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • MX Skype Recorder

  • MX Skype Recorder is a new tool that works in conjunction with Skype and other VOIP applications to record your voice conversations.

    tags: voice-chat audio-recording voice-recorder skype skype-recorder
    platform: Windows
  • Opensourceskyperecorder

  • This simple command line program is a C# .NET Skype plugin which hooks into Skype to record the audio of a call and write it to a WAV file. It hand...

    tags: audio-recording skype-recorder call-recording
    platform: Windows
  • Secure Speak

  • Record any call by 3-waying in your own private recording line. Whatever that line hears gets recorded, and instantly emailed to you when the call ...

    tags: audio-recording call-recording call-tracking phone-tracker
    platform: Online
  • Skype Recorder

  • Skype Recorder! This small yet extremely powerful tool runs in the background and waits silently until you start talking via Skype. Once you did, i...

    tags: audio-recording skype skype-recorder voip-recorder
    platform: Windows
  • Tapur

  • Tapur is recorder & answering machine for Skype.

    tags: voice-chat skype skype-recorder recorder voip-recorder
    platform: Windows