# For developers Whether you are building a line of business intelligence software, a project management suite, or even just your personal blog, Vizydrop can help you get the most out of your data. Easily integrate your existing applications into the Vizydrop platform by using one of our SDKs. Simply create a RESTful API that follows our specs yep, it really is that easy. Is your application available to the public? After you've developed your integration, we can help you publicly distribute it to all Vizydrop users. For more details, check out our Developers Portal
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Vizydrop alternatives

  • Viur

  • Viur is a business analytics solution that helps companies to unlock the value of stored data, through visualization and data exploration.

    tags: database software-as-a-service analytics business-intelligence data-analysis
    platform: Online Self-Hosted
  • Cluvio

  • Cluvio is the #1 cloud BI platform for startups and data-driven teams, trusted by over 300 companies.Use SQL and R to analyze your data and in few minutes create beautiful, interactive dashboards for your entire company.

    tags: analytics business-analytics business-intelligence charts charts-and-visualization
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone iPad Self-Hosted
  • QueryTree App

  • QueryTree is a flexible, powerful, and secure database reporting and visualization tool that allows people to easily access and understand their software or app's data.

    tags: data-analysis data-management data-visualization database database-management
    platform: Online
  • datapine

  • Datapine provides a SaaS data analysis tool that gives customers fast and easy access to their business intelligence data and the possibility to analyze, visualize and share it with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface and no SQL skills needed.

    tags: bi-dashboard business-analytics business-dashboards business-intelligence charts
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Online
  • Lumalytics

  • Lumalytics lets you create dashboards with charts, data tables and filters that display data from your own data sources (MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, SQL Server or CSV files).

    tags: analytics business-intelligence software-as-a-service data-analysis data-visualization
    platform: Online
  • Chartio

  • Chartio allows you to query and combine your companies data and databases even behind firewalls. Join across datasources to create charts, graphs and beautiful dashboards putting relevant data at employee fingertips without compromising security.

    tags: database analytics business-intelligence data-analysis data-visualization
    platform: Online MySQL Community Edition Twilio MariaDB Microsoft SQL Server Google Analytics Heroku Amazon Relational Database Service Oracle Database PostgreSQL
  • Periscope Data

  • Type SQL, Get Charts. Periscope plugs directly into your databases and lets you run, save, and share analyses over billions of data rows in seconds.

    tags: analytics data-analysis data-visualization metrics
    platform: Online
  • Slemma

  • Slemma is a collaborative, data analytics platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses. The tool is accessible directly through the browser and doesn't need any hardware to run. This on-demand model, combined with its intuitive interface, makes it perfect for businesses who can't afford expensive servers and data scientists.

    tags: amazon-integration analytics box-integration braintree-analytics business-intelliggence
    platform: Online
  • Ubiq

  • Ubiq is a web-based Reporting and Business Intelligence application. It enables users to easily explore, visualize and analyze data. Users can quickly create reports and dashboards using data visualizations without any programming and share them with others.

    tags: analytics business-intelligence data-analysis data-visualization reporting
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone iPad
  • InAppBI

  • InAppBI is a platform which empowers enterprise applications with affordable analytics. Connect to multitude of data sources (including Relational, No SQL, Big Data and API’s), query and transform data using SQL and full scripting support, build dashboards using host of visualization libraries and embed right within your applications using plain HTML and Javascript SDK's. Proactively Push Insights within and outside application by scripting complex business logic. Embed predictive insights right within your application using Machine Learning algorithms which analyze your data. »

    tags: analytics bi-dashboard business-analytics business-intelligence data-visualization
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Android iPhone
  • Bilbeo Analytics

  • Bilbeo is a SaaS Business Intelligence tool that helps managers focus on critical KPIs and improve Business Performance using an intuitive Business Dashboard that detects and alerts on bad performance.

    tags: analytics business-intelligence data-analysis data-visualization reporting
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android Tablet iPad MySQL Community Edition MariaDB Firebird Microsoft SQL Server SQL Azure Amazon Relational Database Service PostgreSQL
  • TrueDash

  • TrueDash is a easy to use real-time business intelligence platform built for company wide collaboration. There are no limits on what data you can bring in or how much. Create a single customer view in hours and enable your organisation to track the KPI's that matter

    tags: business-intelligence visualization data-visualization business-analytics business-management
    platform: Online