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  • Polr

  • An open source URL shortener. A great non-profit and free alternative to, TinyURL, or

    tags: open-source-cms php url-shortening web-application web-based
    platform: Windows Linux Online Self-Hosted Apache HTTP Server PHP

  • YOURLS is a set of PHP script that will allow you to run your own URL shortener, a la TinyURL/

    tags: https-support url-shortening
    platform: Online Self-Hosted

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    tags: url-shortening ads advertising-network link-sharing advertising
    platform: Online
  • HIVE URL Shortener

  • Hive is a tool that can definitely help out in a few ways. First, you can write a bunch of posts at one time, choose which social profiles to send ...

    tags: billboards branded-domain link-sharing modal site-link-validator
    platform: Online Android Android Tablet Google Chrome Safari Kindle Fire Firefox

  • Use link shortener to make money online. We pay for each visitor to yourshort link.

    tags: url-shortening ads link-sharing advertising-network advertising
    platform: Online
  • Geniuslink

  • Geniuslink helps online marketers make sure they cater to 100% of their fragmented audience by combining intelligent short links which send users t...

    tags: software-as-a-service marketing online-service web-analytics url-shortening
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Online iPhone iPad
  • Protected Links

  • Protected Links lets you create download links for your downloadable products and also provides details statistics about number of downloads, numbe...

    tags: built-in-url-shortening download-links email-download-links expiring-downloads expiring-links
    platform: Online Self-Hosted
  • tynee Link Shortener

  • tynee is a no-nonsense, ad-free link / url shortener complete with statistics, the ability to preview links, QR code generation and an API for auto...

    tags: online-service url-shortening links link-sharing qr-code-generator
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone iPad
  • URL Multishortener

  • Each day have more and more shorteners on the Internet. This list currently available in the URL MultiShortener browser extension. They also are no...

    tags: extensions no-login no-registration shortcuts shortener
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Android Android Tablet Google Chrome Chromium Firefox
  • Rebrandly

  • Rebrandly is the easiest way to create, share and manage branded links.

    tags: branded-content branded-domain custom-domain customizable https-support
    platform: Online iPhone Chrome OS chrome extensions
  • Linkbucks

  • Earn $$$ for using a URL Shortener.

    tags: url-shortening ads advertising-network advertising link-sharing
    platform: Online

  • Fast and secure link shortener and expander. It is different from typical URL shortener because of its transparency. It creates permanent and durab...

    tags: shorten-url-expand url-expander url-forwarding url-mapping url-shortening
    platform: Online

  • Shorten long URLs with Don't waste your time with unnecessary features. It just do what it's need to be done.

    tags: short-link short-url url-shortening
    platform: Online Google Chrome

  • ulla, free url shortener -

    tags: url-shortening
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Windows Phone
  • Lessn More

  • Lessn More is a fork of Lessn with support for more types of short URLs than Lessn supported; stats; and other enhancements.

    tags: url-shortening server-side
    platform: Online Self-Hosted