Visualtip alternatives

  • InVision

  • InVision's prototype tool lets you create interactive wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes. Share your work and get instant feedback right on-screen.

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    platform: Online
  • Marvel

  • Marvel is a free prototyping tool that transforms static design files (like Photoshop files, PNG etc) and sketches into interactive, sharable prototypes that look and feel like real apps and websites

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    platform: Online Android iPhone Apple Watch Apple TV

  • Build your idea into a product.Design and programming skills are no longer necessary to create a product. With STUDIO, you can make your idea into a real product regardless of your skill and knowledge.

    tags: design-tools mockups prototype prototyping prototyping-tool
    platform: Online
  • Red Pen

  • Red Pen lets you upload your design, share a short URL, and get live, annotated feedback super-fast. It remembers you — there's no logging in, no project management, no bullshit.

    tags: image-sharing feedback-system share-links
    platform: Online
  • zipBoard

  • zipBoard is a bug tracking and visual feedback tool which lets web developers work collaboratively on their web-based (web-apps, websites & elearning) products. You can either use zipBoard while you build new websites, ecommerce sites or e-learning courses or improve existing ones with the help of collective visual feedback and task management. All the stakeholders get real-time updates during the whole process which makes it a productive and fun experience.It’s a great tool for anyone involved in the design and development process of a web-based product. Some of the people who are going to find zipBoard extremely useful are QA teams, project managers, web developers, product managers, UX designers, graphics designers, and their respective clients. »

    tags: bug-tracking cloud-based cloud-computing developer-tools development
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone iPad
  • Notism

  • What's next after wireframes? Visual Design and Notism. With Notism you can discuss, experience and share design work. Iterate faster and create better websites & apps - the lean way.

    tags: customer-feedback design-tools mockups prototyping
    platform: Online

  • The most productive way to share designs, gather useful feedback and get approval

    tags: prototyping designing
    platform: Windows Linux Online iPhone iPad
  • Moqhub

  • Upload your designs,mockups or wireframes by file or by URL snapshot, organize them and connect them to web prototypes. Share them with friends, colleagues and clients to get point specific Feedback. Giving Design Feedback is also possible without any registration.

    tags: communications design feedback-tool mockups prototyping
    platform: Online
  • Kivo

  • Annotate and share PowerPoints and PDFs online in seconds, without signing up.

    tags: annotate-presentation business-collaboration pdf-annotation real-time-collaboration version-control-system
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Flatsies

  • Flatsies is a tool for designers to share their conceptswith clients in a simple and elegant way.

    tags: design-review
    platform: Online
  • Notable

  • Notable lets you take any interface screenshot, sketch or wireframe and exchange notes on specific details with your team. You can quickly reply or suggest a better idea. Our goal is to help you arrive at the best solution in the shortest amount of time.

    tags: web-based feedback-system business-collaboration
    platform: Online
  • RedMark

  • Easy to use tool for graphic annotations, that allows taking quick feedback about graphic content.

    tags: graphics design-review annotate annotations
    platform: Online
  • Shipment App

  • Share and review your designs. Easy collaboration on creative projects.

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    platform: Online Discontinued