Search and download subtitles from opensubtitles.org using the hash of the video currently playing or its title. **INSTALLATION**: - download the file from the Files tab above - create a directory extensions at this location and put the file vlsub.lua inside: * **Windows (all users**: %ProgramFiles%VideoLANVLCluaextensions * **Windows (current user**: %APPDATA%vlcluaextensions * **Linux (all users**: /usr/lib/vlc/lua/extensions

VLSub alternatives

  • FileBot

  • FileBot makes organizing your movies and TV shows a breeze! We'll automatically match your files with information from various online databases. How you want your media files to be named and organized is completely up to you. Our groovy format engine supports pretty much anything!1. Drag movie or episode files into the "Original Files" list area2. Right-click "New Names" list area and select your preferred datasource3. Hit "Rename"!

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  • Subscene

  • Subscene is a site where you can find subtitles for almost any movie or TV and movie show in almost any language.

    tags: search-subtitles srt subtitles subtitles-download
  • OpenSubtitles.org

  • OpenSubtitles.org was developed for easy downloading and uploading subtitles for movies. It supports some unique functions:

    tags: browser-extension subtitle-search-engine subtitles
  • SolEol

  • Subtitle Download and Upload Tool. Relies on OpenSubtitles as its subtitle database.

    tags: Discontinued opensubtitles subtitles
  • SubDownloader

  • SubDownloader is a program for automatic download/upload subtitles for videofiles (DIVX,MPEG,AVI,VOB,etc) and DVDs using fast hashing. Free for Mac and Linux. 30 days shareware trial for Windows.

    tags: subtitles subtitles-download search-subtitles
  • Addic7ed

  • Subtitles for TV shows and movies.

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  • SubiT

  • With SubiT, you can download subtitles for your favorite movies and series by just right clicking them and executing SubiT.

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  • DragAndWatch is a free desktop application for Mac and PC that allows you to get your favorite subtitles by dragging and dropping your file in the app.

    tags: subtitles subtitles-download
  • PySubD

  • PySubD (Python Subtitle Downloader) is an extremely easy to use, cross-platform, free (as in beer and freedom) automatic subtitle downloader for your Movies and TV Series.

    tags: Portable download-manager subtitles
  • Open Subtitles FlixTools

  • Open Subtitles FlixTools - The easiest way to download subtitles for your movies in matter of seconds. Download perfectly matched subtitles for your movies and TV series, advanced search for subtitles by movie or TV Series title or IMDB ID, convert videos with multiple subtitles to iTunes supporting multiple CPU cores, automatically detect and edit video meta-data for iTunes, synchronize subtitles for movies with automatic sync suggestion, set up watch folders and get your subtitles automatically. Open Subtitles FlixTools as first program in world support multiple intelligent upload of subtitles. With buying PRO or LIFETIME version you will get VIP Open Subtitles membership, so you can enjoy pure subtitles - no advertisement. Try Open Subtitles FlixTools today and you will never go back! ยป

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  • Subtitle Matcher

  • Subtitle Matcher |

    tags: Discontinued firefox-extension hash subtitles subtitles-download
  • periscope

  • periscope is a subtitles searching module written in python that tries to find a correct match for a given video file. The goal behind periscope is that it will only return only correct subtitles so that you can simply relax and enjoy your video without having to double-check that the subtitles match your video before watching it.

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