I developed many popular apps which generated over 6 million downloads in the app store as an Indie developer. I never spent a dime on Marketing. The key to a successful app is your presentation in the App Stores or **ASO (App Store Optimization**. As it's a tedious task to create App Store Screenshots in device frames for all kind of screen sizes and languages I created StoreShots for myself. As I shared the tool with fellow developers, the feedback was very positive and so I decided to take the project public. It's developed with me as a developer in mind and with a fair pricing, which is based on usage and not forgotten monthly subscriptions. I hope I can save you some work with my tool and am keen to know what you are missing or how I can improve.

StoreShots alternatives

  • Placeit

  • Placeit is used for creating iPhone mockups and iPad mockups. It’s much faster than using a PSD mockup and produce product mockup within seconds!

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  • Mockuuups Studio

  • Mockuuups Studio is a drag-and-drop tool for macOS and Windows to create beautiful app previews and marketing materials. No photoshop needed, simply drag your screenshots into the app and select from over 250 mockups, precisely retouched, categorized by the type and ready to use.

    tags: drag-and-drop import-from-sketch mockup-generator mockups screenshot-publishing
  • Magic Mockups

  • Place your product screenshot in real-life environment

    tags: mockup-generator mockups screenshot-generator screenshot-publishing screenshots
  • iPhone Screenshot Maker

  • Add iPhone frame on your screenshotsor Cut status bar.

    tags: mockup-generator mockups screenshot-generator screenshot-publishing screenshots

  • lets you generate customized, annotated & localized screenshots for the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

    tags: app-store-optimization app-stores appstore-optimization aso google-play
  • PicApp

  • PicApp was created by the awesome team from to help you show your app to the world.

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  • App Store Screenshot

  • App Store Screenshot helps you generate beautiful and professional looking app screenshots in minutes. Works with iOS and Android phones/tablets.

    tags: android-development android-screenshot app-development app-screenshot developer-tools
  • AppLaunchpad

  • AppLaunchpad is a simple & powerful web tool to create beautiful app screenshots for App Store & Google Play page in minutes. For Free. AppLaunchpad offers pre-designed templates, custom devices & automatic export of screenshots in every required resolution as well as suggestions on best color combinations and font styles.

    tags: google-play appstores screenshot-tool app-screenshot
  • App Screenshot Maker

  • Made by AppInstitute , the App Screenshot Maker is an easy-to-use web app for creating screenshots for use on app stores and for app marketing.

    tags: marketing screenshot-generator screenshot-publishing mockup-generator app-store-optimization
  • Smartmockups

  • Smartmockups is a new online tool for all designers, marketers and developers out there. With our curated collection of the best free product mockups you can present your design like a boss! It’s really useful when you need to present your design to a client or just showcase your work in a portfolio. All mockups are ready for both your personal and commercial projects.

    tags: marketing mockup-generator mockups screenshot-generator screenshots
  • Mediamodifier

  • Creating Online Mockups has never been easier. Mediamodifier is an online tool both for designers and for people seeking to customize design templates online without any Photoshop knowledge. Simply upload your image into a template, see if the preview fits your needs, and purchase the personalized image in full size and quality. Mediamodifier also offers a unique chance for Photoshop designers to sell their work online. All PSD designs are converted into online templates.

    tags: marketing mockup-generator mockups online-mockups photoshop
  • MockupsJar

  • Create realistic previews for free for your website and mobile app in just a few simple steps.

    tags: marketing mockup-generator mockups screenshot-generator
  • AppWrap : Device Art Generator

  • One Click Wrap with Device Mockups!!

    tags: device-art-generator device-frame-generator device-frames mockup-generator mockups
  • Launchkit

  • LaunchKit is a collection of simple, useful tools for people who create mobile apps.

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