Steam Mover!

* You can store all your steam games on multiple drives, and they all carry on working! You no longer have to do the install/uninstall shuffle to get enough disk space on drive C: for that latest game. * You can benefit from that fast, but small, SSD drive by only storing the games you regularly play on the SSD, and moving the older games onto a slower larger hard disk. And all games remain playable in steam. * If you want to see what it's doing and run the commands from the command line yourself, tick the I want to run the commands myself box. Note that SteamMover runs commands one at a time, and stops if it gets an error. * I actually now install steam and all games on my large D: HDD, and use Steam Mover to just move my favourite games to the C: SSD for a speed boost when pla

Steam Mover alternatives

  • GameSave Manager

  • Ever had to format your system?Perhaps you have been victim of file corruption which also victimised your gamesaves?Maybe you just wish to transfer your gamesave(s) to your new machine, or to take with you to a friends?

    tags: backup-and-restore backup-apps games save-files
  • Application Mover

  • Application Mover is a tool that relocates installed programs from one path to another on your hard disk. Application Mover takes files found in the path specified in the 'Current Path' field (see below) and moves them to the 'New Path' path. Application Mover scans the windows registry for references to files located in the 'Current' field and changes those references to the 'New' path. Application Mover also scans all windows shortcuts in the Start Menu and adjusts path references to the new program location. Finally, *.ini and Install.log files present in the original program path are checked for strings matching the old path location. If found, these strings are changed to the new location. Confirmation dialogs are available if you enable the 'Confirm changes' checkbox (see below). If a file is 'busy' and cannot be changed to the new location, a reboot prompt is offered. Pending changes are then completed after the reboot. ยป

    tags: move-installed-programs path-changer
  • SymMover

  • SymMover allows for you to move programs and folders from their original locations to other drives, allowing you to free space while maintaining program directory locations.

    tags: Discontinued move-installed-programs
  • Steam Library Manager

  • SLM (Steam Library Manager) is a tool designed to backup / restore / move installed Steam applications in ease of use with multi-library support.

    tags: Portable backup-and-restore backup-apps games move-installed-programs