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SearchWP alternatives

  • FindBar Tweak

  • Tweak your FindBar the way you like it!

    tags: Discontinued firefox-extension search-tool search-in-tabs show-search-contexts
  • GlobalFindBar

  • Since Firefox 25, the FindBar was made independent for each tab. This addon reverts the FindBar to classic/global behavior.

    tags: findbar firefox-extension
  • Context Highlight

  • Context Highlight is a Firefox extension that allows you to highlight all instances (within a webpage) of a word, several words, or a phrase that you currently have selected. Right click anywhere on the page and choose "Clear Highlighting" to reset the page. Highlighting again will also clear the previous highlight.

    tags: firefox-extension firefox highlight search-text-in-page
  • Fastest Search

  • Best text search on page/in all tabs: count/regex/visualize & list result/find-as-you-type. Optional Instant web/history search in URLBar. Best custom search, multi-tab preview for selected text, dnd image/lnk to save/open, autocopy.

    tags: firefox-extension highlight-scrollbar regular-expression search-in-tabs
  • Find All

  • Adds a find bar button that allows you to search for a word or phrase on a web page and displays the results in an easy to view list. Also displays the total number of results found.

    tags: Discontinued firefox-extension hit-counter show-search-contexts