ScreenToGif alternatives

  • LICEcap

  • LICEcap can capture an area of your desktop and save it directly to .GIF (for viewing in web browsers, etc) or .LCF (see below). LICEcap is an intuitive but flexible application (for Windows and now OSX), that is designed to be lightweight and function with high performance.

    tags: animated-gif-creator record-desktop-activity screen-capture screen-grab
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • GifCam

  • GifCam is a handy and reliable application designed to record the screen and to convert the recordings into GIF format.

    tags: animated-gif-creator built-in-image-editor capture-image-from-video editable-gifs gif-animation
    platform: Windows
  • Peek GIF Screen Recorder for Linux

  • Simple animated Gif screen recorder for Linux. Open-source. Provides an easy to install Ubuntu deb package.

    tags: gif screen-capture screen-recorder screencasting
    platform: Linux Ubuntu
  • Gyazo

  • Gyazo lets you instantly grab the screen and upload the image to the web. You can easily share on Chat, Social, Email, or anywhere!

    tags: print-screen screen-capture screen-grab screencapture screenshot-sharing
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Google Chrome Firefox

  • Make a short video capture of your desktop as a gif.

    tags: screen-recorder screencasting animated-gif-creator
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Giffing Tool

  • Giffing Tool is simply put: The fastest creator of high quality captioned GIFs available.

    tags: gif animated-gif-creator video-to-gif
    platform: Windows
  • Gifox

  • Gifox is a beautifully designed and masterfully crafted app that records your screen into animated gifs – the great alternative between static images and full-size videos. It's your best companion for:

    tags: animated-gif-creator document-sharing gif-animation image-sharing integrated-file-sharing
    platform: Mac OS X
  • GIPHY Capture

  • GIPHY Capture is the best way to create GIFs on your Mac. The free app is simple, powerful, and easy enough for pretty much anyone.

    tags: animated-gif animated-gif-creator gif screen-capture screen-recorder
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Byzanz

  • Byzanz is a simple tool to record a running X desktop to an animation suitable for presentation in a web browser.

    tags: animated-gif-creator gif record-desktop-activity screen-capture screen-grab
    platform: Linux
  • Gif Machine

  • Gif Machine is a powerful and simple app which helps you to create awesome GIFs by recording your screen, recording your webcam or just from images.

    tags: social-network animation flash png gif
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Honeycam

  • Make wonderful Animated GIFs by using Honeycam, very easy GIF image-making and editing software!With Honeycam, anyone can easily capture gameplay screens and videos streamed through YouTube or other video players to make wonderful and funny GIFs (animated images or animated GIF/WebP/WebM)!

    tags: animated-gif-creator gif gif-editor screen-capture screen-recorder
    platform: Windows
  • GifRun

  • GifRun provides easiest way to find and create animated GIFs from YouTube, Video, Images or Vine clip. Using YouTube instant search, user can find any video quickly. Once the video is selected, there is number of options such as create animated GIF and video clip, apply text with number of fonts and colors, download video and share created content through custom URL. All clips can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Link is created back to original video on YouTube with the starting position from the created clip. GifRun is designed for both web and mobile web. »

    tags: user-generated-content
    platform: Online
  • GIF Camera

  • GIF Camera is the eastest way to create animated gifs on Android.

    tags: animated-gif animated-gif-creator built-in-editor convert-to-gif share-gifs
    platform: Android
  • Gif·gIf·giF

  • Gif·gIf·giF (ggg) is a small shareware program for producing GIF animations from screen captures. It is especially useful for producing animated software demonstrations or tutorials. GIF animations produced with Gif·gIf·giF are automatically displayed by web browsers, such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, without requiring any add-ons, plug-ins, or helper applications.

    tags: animated-gif-creator gif-animation screen-capture screen-grab screenshot-utility
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • GifCapture

  • GifCapture is an open-source 🏇 Gif capture app for macOS.

    tags: animated-gif-creator gif-animation screen-capture screen-grab
    platform: Mac OS X