You will need version 4 or higher of `firefox` https://www.mozilla.org/firefox
to run Pencil as a Firefox Extension. Linux users will need version 4 or higher of either `firefox`, `iceweasel` or `xulrunner` https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Projects/XULRunner,
or version 25 or higher of `palemoon` https://www.palemoon.org/.
The Windows installer and OS X archive has everything you need built-in. Windows, Linux, OS X & Firefox Packages are available for download from the Releases Page https://github.com/prikhi/pencil/releases.
You can also install the Firefox Add-on from the Mozilla Add-on Repository https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/pencil-prototyping/.
To install the OS X package, unzip the archive and copy the `Pencil.app` folder t

RxDB alternatives

  • Firebase

  • Firebase gives you the tools and infrastructure to build better apps and grow successful businesses.

    tags: angular application-builder authentication backend deployment
    platform: Online
  • Meteor

  • Meteor is a set of new technologies for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time. It is built around Smart Packages: little bundles of code that can run on a client, inside a cloud service, or both, and that can manage their lifetime inside the modern distributed environment.

    tags: javascript web-applications web-development
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • GUN

  • GUN is an open source, realtime, graph database written entirely in JavaScript and built using peer-to-peer algorithms, making it surprisingly fault tolerant and easy to get started with.

    tags: database database-publishing decentralized developer-tools distributed
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted
  • FeathersJS

  • Build incredible real-time applications in record time. Feathers is a real-time, micro-service web framework for NodeJS that gives you control over your data via RESTful resources, sockets and flexible plug-ins.

    tags: framework javascript javascript-development node.js web-applications
    platform: Self-Hosted Node.JS
  • Horizon

  • Horizon is a realtime, open-source backend for JavaScript apps.

    tags: authentication backend javascript javascript-development real-time
    platform: Online Self-Hosted
  • Realm

  • World-class apps have world-class featuresThe Realm Mobile Platform enables any development team, no matter the size, to include difficult-to-build features like two-way data sync and realtime collaboration. Devote more time to what makes your app truly unique and less time to maintaining services.

    tags: android-development c-plus-plus database embedded-database java
    platform: Mac OS X Android iPhone iPad
  • RestDB.io

  • restdb.io is a Plug-and-Play Database Service, suited perfectly to power business apps and dynamic web content.

    tags: backend-as-a-service database nosql rest-api web-development
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • Hoodie

  • Hoodie enables you to express yourself through technology by making web app development very fast, easy and accessible.

    tags: mobile-apps-development
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Appcelerator

  • The Appcelerator platform is everything you need to create great, native mobile apps—all from a single JavaScript code base.

    tags: application-builder javascript-development mbass mobile-analytics mobile-apps-development
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Graphcool

  • Flexible backend platform combining GraphQL & AWS Lambda. The fastest way to build apps with GraphQL and Apollo/Relay, React, VueJS, Angular...

    tags: backend-as-a-service backend-for-frontend database development graphql
    platform: Online
  • emitter.io

  • Emitter is a real-time communication service for connecting online devices. Infrastructure and APIs for IoT, gaming, apps and real-time web. At its core, emitter.io is a distributed, scalable and fault-tolerant publish-subscribe messaging platform based on MQTT protocol and featuring message storage.

    tags: api backend backend-as-a-service big-data cloud-api
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone Self-Hosted