Run+ is the best Nike+ Running app for Windows Phone!

* Windows
* Office
* Free downloads & security
* Internet Explorer
* Microsoft Edge
* Skype
* OneNote
* OneDrive

Run+ alternatives

  • Nike+ Running

  • Tracking your runs just got easier. With the new Nike+ GPS App for iPhone, all you need is your iPhone and you’re ready to: Get A Push Challenge yo...

    tags: gps-tracking ifttt-integration nike run-tracking running
    platform: Online Android iPhone Apple Watch
  • Freeletics Running

  • Freeletics Running is ideal for every fitness level. Regardless whether you are a beginner or a professional, a male or a female athlete. We offer ...

    tags: health-and-fitness sports health running run-tracking
    platform: Android iPhone
  • Running by Gyroscope

  • Powered by Gyroscope, collect and share your favorite runs — with maps, photos, calories, and other stats.

    tags: gps health-and-fitness health fitness running
    platform: iPhone Gyroscope