It can be especially useful for cases where: * you need to create USB installation media from bootable ISOs (Windows, Linux, UEFI, etc. * you need to work on a system that doesn't have an OS installed * you need to flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS * you want to run a low-level utility Despite its small size, Rufus provides everything you need! Oh, and Rufus is **fast**. For instance it's about twice as fast as UNetbootin,
Universal USB Installer
or Windows 7 USB download tool,
on the creation of a Windows 7 USB installation drive from an ISO. It is also marginally faster on the creation of Linux bootable USB from ISOs. (1 A non exhau

Rufus alternatives

  • UNetbootin

  • UNetbootin (Universal Netboot Installer) is a cross-platform utility that can create Live USB systems and can load a variety of system utilities or install various Linux distributions and other operating systems without a CD.

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  • Etcher

  • Etcher is a free and open-source image burner with support for Windows, OS X and GNU/Linux. It makes USB and SD card image burning as simple and fast as possible.

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  • YUMI

  • YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer), is the successor to MultibootISOs. It can be used to create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive containing multiple operating systems, antivirus utilities, disc cloning, diagnostic tools, and more. Contrary to MultiBootISO's which used grub to boot ISO files directly from USB, YUMI uses syslinux to boot extracted distributions stored on the USB device, and reverts to using grub to Boot Multiple ISO files from USB, if necessary.

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  • Universal USB Installer

  • Universal USB Installer is a Live Linux USB Creator that allows you to choose from a selection of Linux Distributions to put on your USB Flash Drive. The Universal USB Installer is easy to use. Simply choose a Live Linux Distribution, the ISO file, your Flash Drive and, Click Install. Other features include; Persistence (if available), and the ability to fat32 format the flash drive (recommended) to ensure a clean install. Upon completion, you should have a ready to run bootable USB Flash Drive with your select Linux version installed. »

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  • LinuxLive USB Creator

  • LiLi USB Creator is a free software for Windows that allows you to create a bootable Live USB key with a Linux on it.

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  • UltraISO

  • CD image files are easily created with UltraISO. Duplicate discs to a CD image, create bootable CDs and audio CD images - and UltraISO also handles DVD image files. If you need to know how to make a CD image or need to edit an ISO image file, UltraISO is the tool you need.

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  • MultiBootUSB

  • MultiBootUSB is a software to create multi boot live Linux on a removable media i.e USB disk. It is similar to UNetbootin but many distros can be installed, provided you have enough space on the disk. MultiBootUSB also provides an option to uninstall distro(s) at any time, if you wish.

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  • Easy2Boot

  • You can prepare an Easy2Boot USB drive using Windows or linux.Then add all your payload files (.iso, .img, .ima, etc.) to one of the folders on your USB drive (e.g. \_ISO\MAINMENU folder) by drag-and-drop at any time. A new menu is automatically created each time you boot from it.Works with 99% of linux liveCD ISOs and supports Windows Install ISOs too! Install from an unmodified XP ISO file to a RAID/AHCI/SATA system (no need to nLite the ISO first).The USB drive can be formatted as FAT32 or NTFS (or exFAT, ext2/3). UEFI booting of linux and Windows is supported by creating .imgPTN partition image files. Boot to any number of Windows Vista/7/8/MSDaRT and linux UEFI OS's. »

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  • WinToFlash

  • WinToFlash starts a wizard that will help to make USB bootable and pull over the contents of a windows installation CD or DVD and prep the USB drive to become a replacement for the optical drive. It can also do this with your LiveCD or DOS.

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  • BurnAware

  • BurnAware is a family of full-featured burning software to create CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs of all types. Home users can easily burn bootable discs, multisession discs, high-quality audio CDs and video DVDs, make, copy and burn disc images. Power users will benefit from BurnAware's advanced options, including control of boot settings, UDF partition and versions, ISO levels and restrictions, session selection, CD text for tracks and discs, data recovering, disc spanning and direct copying.

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  • WinSetupFromUSB

  • WinSetupFromUSB is a Windows program, which prepares multiboot USB flash or fixed disk to install any Windows versions since 2000/XP, boot various Linux and *BSD flavors, as well as many Windows, Linux, DOS based and other utilities. Since version 1.1 program can create USB disk with Windows versions which support (U)EFI (Vista x64 SP1 and later x64 versions), which USB disk can be used in both (U)EFI and Legacy BIOS modes.

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  • SARDU (short for Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility) creates a multiboot all-in-one USB drive, CD or DVD for free (personal and non commercial use). Hard disks, external hard disks and all removable media are supported.The bootable device can include comprehensive collections of antivirus rescue cd, utilities and popular live distributions of Linux. Windows PE can also be included, as well as recovery disks and install media for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Seven and Windows Eight.The multiboot USB supports and manage USB stick, pendrive, hard disks and all removables media. »

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  • MultiSystem

  • Multisystem is an awesome tool created by, that works similar to our Windows based MultiBootISOs USB creator, but was created for use within Linux. It also uses Grub2 instead of Grub Legacy, and can be run from within Ubuntu Linux to create a Custom Multiboot UFD containing your favorite Bootable Live Linux Distributions. (via )

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  • LiveUSB Install

  • LiveUSB Install is a free software for GNU/Linux and Windows.

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