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portable RuckZuck-Tool for Windows:
download RuckZuck.exe
No installation required, just run this tool... latest version: PowerShell OneGet Provider:
OneGet%20Provider&referringTitle Documentation download OneGet Provider MSI
Install RuckZuck application with PowerShell. latest version: Configuration Manager (SCCM Plugin :
download RZ4ConfigMgr.exe https://ruckzu

RuckZuck alternatives

  • Ninite

  • Ninite is the easiest way to install software. Pick the apps you want, and the Ninite installer will download and install all of your selected apps at once, automatically. It is 100% hands-free; Ninite automatically rejects browser toolbars and other prepackaged junk.

    tags: software-repository software-installation software-updating batch-installer toolbar-remover
    platform: Windows
  • Chocolatey

  • Chocolatey NuGet is a Machine Package Manager, somewhat like apt-get, but built with Windows in mind. It is built on top of NuGet command line and the NuGet infrastructure.In terms of updates, it allows you to update nearly everything on your machine with a few simple keystrokes.

    tags: ad-free apt-get command-line-interface fast-and-easy-setup nuget
    platform: Windows
  • Npackd

  • Npackd (pronounced "unpacked") is an application store/package manager/marketplace for applications for Windows. It helps you to find and install software, keep your system up-to-date and uninstall it if no longer necessary.

    tags: software-repository package-management software-installation
    platform: Windows
  • Patch My PC

  • Patch My PC is a small portable application that updates third party applications and Windows updates. It’s critical to keep software up to date to ensure vulnerabilities are patched. There are currently almost 100 third-party applications that Patch My PC can silently update, and the list is growing with each release!

    tags: Portable software-updating windows-update
    platform: Windows
  • Flexera Software Personal Software Inspector

  • Flexera Software Personal Software Inspector, previously Secunia PSI, is a FREE security tool designed to detect vulnerable and out-dated programs and plug-ins which expose your PC to attacks. Attacks exploiting vulnerable programs and plug-ins are rarely blocked by traditional anti-virus and are therefore increasingly "popular" among criminals.

    tags: automatic-updates scan-for-vulnerabilities security-utilities software-updating vulnerability
    platform: Windows
  • scoop

  • A command-line installer for Windows.

    tags: command-line-interface package-management software-installation
    platform: Windows
  • Zero Install

  • Zero Install is a decentralised cross-distribution software installation system. Other features include full support for shared libraries, sharing between users, and integration with native platform package managers. It supports both binary and source packages, and works on Linux, Mac OS X, Unix and Windows systems. It is fully Open Source.

    tags: software-repository software-updating
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Solaris
  • Just Install

  • just-install - The stupid package installer for Windows.

    tags: package-management software-installation software-management
    platform: Windows
  • Kaspersky Software Updater

  • Kaspersky Software Updater is a Kaspersky Lab free utility that searches for updates for the applications installed on your computer.

    tags: software-updating
    platform: Windows
  • OneGet

  • OneGet is a unified interface to package management systems and aims to make Software Discovery, Installation and Inventory (SDII) work via a common set of cmdlets (and eventually a set of APIs). Regardless of the installation technology underneath, users can use these common cmdlets to install/uninstall packages, add/remove/query package repositories, and query a system for the software installed. Included in this CTP is a prototype implementation of a Chocolatey -compatible package manager that can install existing Chocolatey packages. »

    tags: apt-get chocolatey nuget package-management
    platform: Windows
  • win-get

  • win-get is an installer and software repository for Microsoft Windows, like apt-get in Linux.

    tags: Discontinued package-management software-installation
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • Microsoft Store

  • A world of apps in the Microsoft Store.

    tags: application-hosting automatic-updates batch-download batch-installer discover-apps
    platform: Windows Windows RT Windows Phone Windows 8
  • Duo

  • Duo is a next-generation package manager that blends the best ideas from Component, Browserify and Go to make organizing and writing front-end code quick and painless.

    tags: batch-installer package package-management setup software-downloader
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • WAPT APT-get

  • WAPT is a package manager for Windows which provides installation, removal and upgrades of software in managed environment. Software can be deployed through a central management console. WAPT was modeled on GNU/Linux Debian APT, hence its name.

    tags: software-repository deployment package-management software-deployment apt-get
    platform: Windows
  • CoApp

  • CoApp is an open-source package management system for Windows.

    tags: Discontinued software-repository package-management software-installation software-updating
    platform: Windows Discontinued