Rthm alternatives

  • Google Fit

  • Google Fit is a health-tracking platform developed by Google for the Android operating system. It is a single set of APIs that blends data from multiple apps and devices. Google Fit uses sensors in a user's activity tracker or mobile device to record physical fitness activities (such as walking or cycling), which are measured against the user's fitness goals to provide a comprehensive view of their fitness.

    tags: development fitness framework health health-tracking
    platform: Online Android Android Wear
  • Apple HealthKit

  • HealthKit allows apps that provide health and fitness services to share their data with the new Health app and with each other. A user’s health information is stored in a centralized and secure location and the user decides which data should be shared with your app.

    tags: application-builder cross-platform developer-tools development framework
    platform: Mac OS X iPhone iPad Apple Watch
  • iCare Body Check

  • iCare Body Check measures blood pressure, heart rate, blood lipids, blood oxygen, vision, colorblind, hearing, lung capacity, breath rate, psychological index.

    tags: vision heart-rate hearing color-blindness mental-index
    platform: Android
  • Heart Pulse Rate Monitor

  • pulse rate monitor app helps you to catch your heart bit rate without using any external hardware support. you can routines with this app after walking, driving, physical workout etc. its user approachable app so doesn’t miss out and install now and get benefits.

    tags: heart-rate heart-rate-monitoring
    platform: Android
  • 37 Degree Bracelet

  • 37 degree bracelet is an app and smart wearable device for wellness management. With the bracelet, your hourly heart and breathe rate, blood pressure trends, even sleep quality, pace, mood/fatigue status are monitored and accumulated to generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports. According to the analysis of results, this app provides advice accordingly to lead you a healthier life.

    tags: health fitness health-tracking
    platform: Android iPhone
  • VeryFit

  • VeryFit includes a bunch of health monitoring features, letting you track calorie consumption, physical activity and sleep. It also includes an intelligent alarm and integrated phone features.

    tags: health-and-fitness health-tracking health-monitor
    platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • SelfDecode

  • SelfDecode gives you personalized health reports based on your genetics. It can utilize services like Ancestry to gather genetic information which it uses to offer recommendations for improvement. It uses genetics, blood tests, symptoms and more to ensure the best possible recommendations.

    tags: fitness genetic health health-tracking
    platform: Online