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RouteConverter alternatives

  • QLandkarte GT

  • QLandkarte GT is a powerful Open Source GIS application to display your GPS data on a variety of maps. It's target is the less the scientific user but the private outdoor aficionadoIt can be used for managing waypoints, routes, tracks and maps, and transferring them to a GPS device.

    tags: garmin gis gps maps offline-maps
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Pytrainer

  • Pytrainer is a tool to log all your sport excursion coming from GPS devices (with a focus on Garmin ForeRunnner 205, 305 and 405) or GPX files. Pytrainer supports GPS track files and displays your data in graphs and maps.

    tags: bike cycling fitness forerunner garmin
    platform: Linux
  • GPSBabel

  • GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes between popular GPS receivers such as Garmin or Magellan and mapping programs like Google Earth or Basecamp. Literally hundreds of GPS receivers and programs are supported. It also has powerful manipulation tools for such data. such as filtering duplicates points or simplifying tracks. It has been downloaded and used tens of millions of times since it was first created in 2001, so it's stable and trusted.

    tags: gps gis gps-location gps-track gps-track-editor
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • GpsPrune

  • GpsPrune can load data from arbitrary text-based formats (for example, any tab-separated or comma-separated file) or Xml, or directly from a GPS receiver. It can display the data (as map view using openstreetmap images and as altitude profile), edit this data (for example delete points and ranges, sort waypoints, compress tracks), and save the data (in various text-based formats). It can also export data as a Gpx file, or as Kml/Kmz for import into Google Earth, or send it to a GPS receiver.

    tags: gps java gpx tracks kml
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux OpenJDK
  • GPS Track Editor

  • GPS Track Editor: Free Windows Application to Make GPS Tracks Better.

    tags: gps gpx tracks nmea point
    platform: Windows
  • GPX Editor

  • Load, modify and save your GPX 1.1 files. Add and remove waypoints, edit track and routes, simplify tracks (reducing file's size), clean recorded data, add and edit GPX metadata, edit waypoint, route and track properties, all with real-time preview.

    tags: Portable development gis gps gps-data-manager
    platform: Windows
  • QMapShack

  • Use QMapShack to plan your next outdoor trip or to visualize and archive all the GPS recordings of your past exciting adventures. QMapShack is the next generation of the famous QLandkarte GT application. And of course it's even better and easier to use.

    tags: gps maps gpx
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Bitbucket
  • GPSies

  • With GPSies you can view and download tracks which have been recorded by a GPS device. Whether you are searching for running courses or Mountain Bike Tracks, with GPSies you can see what Tracks others have recorded. And you can download all the Tracks and put them onto your GPS device so you wont lose your way.

    tags: cycling gis gps gps-converter record-tracks
    platform: Online Android iPhone
  • Garmin MapSource

  • MapSource is software that lets you create, view, and edit waypoints, routes, and tracks on your computer and transfer them to your navigation device for your next trip. It was previously included with DVD/CD versions of our map products.

    tags: gps navigation geographic cartography gps-track-editor
    platform: Windows
  • ITN Converter

  • ITN Converter, better known as ITNConv, is both a converter route supporting many formats, and a route planner simple and efficient.

    tags: navigation route-planner route-maker navigational
    platform: Windows
  • BT747

  • Bt747 allows for configuring MTK/MTK2 based GPS data loggers (GPS trackers) and downloading track data (GPS logs) to your PC. It can convert and export logs to various formats, geo-tag pictures and upload A-GPS data to the GPS device.BT747 is a stable and versatile atlernative to the vendor-specific, often half-baked solutions that come with the GPS devices.

    tags: datalogger geotagging gps gpx logger
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Windows Mobile Java Mobile Blackberry
  • KMLCSV Converter

  • KMLCSV Converter is a free open source software that enables you to convert KML file to a formatted CSV file, and vice versa. This CSV file can then be uploaded into your Garmin GPS by using Garmin POI Loader, which can be downloaded for free. This allows you to easily plot all custom point of interests (POI) through Google Earth or Google Maps first before transferring them into your Garmin GPS.

    tags: comma-separated-values garmin google-earth gps gps-record
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux