RootCause alternatives

  • Rollbar

  • Rollbar collects errors that happen in your application, notifies you, and analyzes them so you can debug and fix them. JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, Android, Flash, .NET, and Java libraries are available.

    tags: crash-reporting error-reporting error-tracking real-time-monitoring web-log-analyzer
    platform: Online Android Ruby Python .NET Framework JavaScript PHP Ruby on Rails Node.JS
  • Sentry

  • ## Stop hoping your users will report errorsSentry’s real-time error tracking gives you insight into production deployments and information to reproduce and fix crashes.

    tags: crash-reporting developer-tools error-detection error-logging error-reporting
    platform: Online Self-Hosted

  • is an Operations Data Platform for Log and Machine events. We help companies improve their software and business performance by leveraging their machine data.

    tags: analytics data-analysis error-tracking log-collector log-file-management
    platform: Online
  • Raygun Crash Reporting

  • Raygun error and crash reporting silently monitors your web and mobile applications, collecting all error and crash events that are affecting your customers. When issues are found they are presented on your crash reporting dashboard, with detailed diagnostic reports about every single error and crash, making digging through log files and trying to replicate issues a thing of the past.

    tags: crash-reporting development error-logging logging real-user-monitoring
    platform: Mac OS X Online Android iPhone iPad .NET Framework JavaScript PHP Ruby on Rails ASP.NET MVC
  • Bugsnag

  • Bugsnag automatically detects errors in your mobile, front-end, and back-end applications, and provides your team the tools to fix things fast. Bugsnag provides clear insights on the frequency and user impact of each error, so your team can make informed prioritization decisions. Replicating and troubleshooting is easier with automatically collected diagnostic data on where and how an error occurred. Over 3,500 of the world's best engineering teams from organizations like Square, Airbnb, Shopify, and others use Bugsnag to build better software. »

    tags: .net analytics android-development angular backend
    platform: Online Self-Hosted
  • Airbrake

  • Airbrake collects errors generated by other applications, and aggregates the results for review.

    tags: server-monitoring errors
    platform: Online Ruby on Rails
  • Stack Sentinel

  • Error tracking, uptime monitoring, and performance metrics you'll love.

    tags: error-tracking exception-tracking exception-handling error-handling
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online BSD Python JavaScript
  • SessionStack

  • SessionStack helps you see your web app defects through a user’s eyes.

    tags: crash-reporting debugger developer-tools development error-logging
    platform: Online Self-Hosted
  • Instabug

  • Instabug provides in-app feedback and bug reporting to mobile apps. It provides a seamless way for two-way communication with users while providing detailed environment report for developers.It starts with integrating the SDK into your app in a process that takes less than a minute. Then whenever a user wants to send a feedback, all they need to do is shake the device to get a feedback form that includes a screenshot of the app that can be annotated. As soon as the user presses the submit button, the developer is notified instantly with a full environment report to check it. The developer can collaborate with the rest of the team on fixing the bugs reported by tagging, commenting, or assigning themInstabug also integrates with other bug tracking and project management tools that you can select to have your bugs forwarded there. And finally, you can use Instabug to communicate back to the user who reported the bug that the bug has been resolved. »

    tags: bug-reporting bug-submission bug-tracking bugs built-in-feedback
    platform: Online Android iPhone
  • FancyTrack

  • FancyTrack - JavaScript Error Tracking library from @FancyGrid

    tags: error-logging error-reporting error-tracking errors
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Chrome OS
  • Stackify

  • Stackify offers the only developers-friendly cloud based solution that fully integrates application performance management (APM) with error tracking and log management in one platform. Stackify allows software developers, operations and support managers to easily monitor, detect and resolve application issues, before they affect the business to ensure a better end user experience , higher satisfaction and lower churn. No more looking for a needle in the Appstack, get all the info on what is not working well and why.Stackify offers these solutions which can operate as a standalone or work together as one platform:* Application Performance Management (APM)* Server and application metrics monitoring* Integrated error tracking and log management* Escalation and notification »

    tags: .net-monitoring apm app-diagnostics app-metrics app-monitoring
    platform: Windows Linux Online ASP.NET PHP Microsoft Azure
  • Bugfender

  • Ever had a but that happens to one of your users but you can't reproduce? What if the user is a mobile app user that's miles away from you?Most developers debug their apps by looking at the logs generated by their application. Usually this means connecting the mobile device with a debugging cable and looking into NSLogs or logcat.Bugfender is a cloud storage service with an easy to use SDK that lets developers send their application logs for later use. Works for early development phases, beta testing and production applications.Bugfender unlocks the possibility to detect errors earlier, assist better users who contact your customer support and ultimately achieve an excellent customer satisfaction.Bugfender represents a new opportunity, log collection services have existed for years on the back-end and network monitoring industry but never applied yet to mobile devices. »

    tags: android-development developer-library developer-tools development error-logging
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted
  • TrackJS

  • A Better Way to Track JavaScript Errors

    tags: crash-reporting debugger development javascript monitoring
    platform: Online
  • Errorception

  • Errorception is a simple and painless way to find out about JavaScript errors, as they occur in your users' browsers. All you need to do is insert a script tag on your page, and you will start recording errors as they happen in real-time.

    tags: error-tracking javascript
    platform: Online
  • Honeybadger

  • Honeybadger is the modern error management service for rails

    tags: developer-tools exception javascript logging rails
    platform: Online