Roomvine alternatives

  • FireChat

  • FireChat introduces a new way to chat: "off-the-grid".Now you can chat with people around you – even if there is no Internet connection or mobile phone coverage.

    tags: chat-clients chat-without-internet cross-platform decentralized group-chat
    platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • Jodel

  • Jodel is an online community that shows you what's happening in your area in real-time and updates you on what’s going on at your university! You'll see the most recent posts (we call them Jodel) and connect with fellow students without exposing your personal information. By up/down voting users Jodels, you have the power to decide what your campus is talking about. Collect Karma points and become a master in jodeling!

    tags: anonymity community-app local-news no-registration
    platform: iPhone Android Tablet
  • Stupid Chat

  • Stupid App is not just a Free Messaging App, it lets you connect socially with people near you and that too without disclosing your identity. Share your secrets, feelings, heartbreaks and dreams with people, without being judged. The best part is, you can go completely anonymous or select a name of your choice to chat with people nearby. Don't worry about your secrets!! Your chat will automatically disappear after 24 hours!

    tags: anonymity anonymous-chat chat-rooms meet-people smartphone-messaging
    platform: Android
  • LINK

  • Introducing LINK, the only social network you need. Whether you're new to town or just feel like chatting, LINK instantly connects you with others nearby! Join local interest groups, meet new people, or chat with friends and family. No matter what your social needs are, LINK's got you covered - anytime, anywhere.

    tags: chat-clients instant-messaging location-based nearby-chat online-dating
    platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • Qwasap

  • You can send and receive messages in a specific geographical location within a radius that you decide. Qwasap is to interact, in a non-intrusive mode, with people like you who are in the same area. Occupy an area of the planet and start a public, free and open local network of support and information exchange.

    tags: bot messages messaging telegram telegram-bot
    platform: Online Telegram
  • Oruapp

  • Oruapp is a minimal app where you can send messages to everyone within 1 Kilometer (1 km = 0.6 mi) radius from you.

    tags: instant-messaging nearby-chat social-applications
    platform: Android iPhone iPad
  • Buzz Chat

  • Do you want to see what people are talking about nearby you?Do you want to meet new people and start chatting with them anonymously?If you curious about what is going on around you, then join Buzz now!1) Get your nick.2) Choose your distance to see people that are chatting.3) Join them and start chatting anonymously!

    tags: anonymous-chat instant-messaging location-based meet-people nearby-chat
    platform: Android iPhone
  • Nearby Live

  • Nearby Live (previously WNM Live) is a social discovery platform for finding new friends that share your same interests. Meet new people living nearby and connect with them in real-time!

    tags: anonymous-chat instant-messaging meet-people nearby-chat social-applications
    platform: Windows Android iPhone Windows RT
  • Lohalo

  • Lohalo is a new location based message application, a unique and far better way to communicate privately or publically with people around your location. Lohalo app helps you to connect with local people who share same interests as you.

    tags: messaging private-messaging social-applications social-media social-network
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • Swiflie

  • Swiflie is a balance between the complete anonymity of some college-focused apps and the more permanent nature of most social media apps.Every post expires in about a day - enough time for meaningful discussions, but not so long that you constantly see stale posts. You can build a reputation and be you in-the-moment.• Posts with more votes take longer to expire• Create anonymous posts + comments without making throw away accounts• Customize your feed by following the users and groups you care about• Easily cross-post to multiple groups »

    tags: anonymous-chat pseudonymous self-destructing-messages social-applications
    platform: Android iPhone
  • Peek

  • Peek is a free app that lets you express yourself, connect with people and discover more about the world around you.

    tags: social-applications bulletin-board meet-people nearby-chat
    platform: Android iPhone
  • GoPseudo App

  • Go pseudo, the first truly anonymous social app! pseudo will never require a phone number, login, signup, or profile.

    tags: anonymous-chat anonymous-social-media campus location-aware social-media
    platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Android Wear