Roomorama alternatives

  • Airbnb

  • Don't stay at a hotel. Airbnb is a global network of accommodations offered by locals. It's more fun and very cheap, especially in big cities like New York, San Francisco, Paris, etc.

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  • Nomad Rental

  • Feel At Home Abroad

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  • FlatMateMe

  • FlatMateMe uses Facebook friends and interests data to help people looking for a room and roommates.

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  • Travel wiinkz

  • Wiinkz Travel is offers the ability to search and securely, to book the same selection of cheap flights, hotel rooms, rental cars and a travel planner in multiple languages.

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  • vacayrx

  • Unlike other Listing Platforms, was designed by industry insiders who intimately understand the Vacation Rental business and the pain points for all parties involved.

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  • ZipCar

  • Ladies and gentlemen, start your iPhone.

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  • Apartum

  • What's Apartum all about?

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  • HomeToGo

  • HomeToGo is the world's largest search engine for vacation rentals. We have compiled a unique portfolio of the best and most renowned providers of vacation rentals for our customers. Whether for family vacations, day trips or a romantic getaway, HomeToGo finds your perfect vacation accommodation for every occasion.

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  • InspireBnB

  • InspireBnb is an accommodation sharing platform that puts the experience before the room, In techy terms: It's co-Living + Bed & Breakfast.

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  • Roompik

  • Advertise and find fun spare rooms for free.

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  • Flatio, expert at medium-term rentals for 1–6 months Flatio is the only place where you can easily rent a furnished flat for 1–6 months directly from the landlord. This company already operates in 6 European cities – Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Bratislava, Brno and Ostrava. And that is not all.

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  • Housli

  • Housli is a short to long term accommodation booking platform with local hosts. Perfect for vacationers, students, and professionals.

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  • Overnight

  • Overnight is for quickly and easily booking a room for tonight. Save an average of 50% vs booking a hotel room in that same area by booking with a local on Overnight. Be spontaneous and know Overnight is there for last-minute stays.

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  • sasesu

  • The world's first truly traveler driven reverse bid booking site. Free to sign up and use.

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