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Roojoom alternatives

  • Blogger

  • Blogger is a blog publishing service. Create your blog. Share your thoughts, photos, and more with your friends and the world. Easy to use. It’s easy to post text, photos, and videos from the web or your mobile phone. Flexible. Unlimited flexibility to personalize.

    tags: ad-free api blog-api blog-publishing blogging
    platform: Online Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad
  • PromoRepublic

  • PromoRepublic is a Social Media Content Builder and Posting Tool. It provides users with more than 100 000 ideas, templates, and visuals for stunning Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn posts.

    tags: automated-marketing automation automation-tool content-creation content-discovery
    platform: Online
  • Stacker

  • Stacker makes it easy to Publish and Reply across multiple Social Media accounts at once.

    tags: marketing share-news social-crm social-media social-media-integration
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android Chrome OS
  • ZeroBlog

  • ZeroBlog - For a distributed, self publishing blogging platform ( and centralized authentication ).

    tags: blog-publishing blogging coffeescript decentralized distributed
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online NameCoin Python JavaScript ZeroNet CoffeeScript

  • Easily Publish Gorgeous Magazines. Leverage Curation to increase your visibility. Give persistence to your social media presence.

    tags: social-media magazine curations curating
    platform: Online
  • inboundli

  • inboundli is a curation platform that helps to multiply content output and achieve your content marketing goals faster. inboundli provides a workflow to source targeted content, mix it with your in-house content and to effectively publish it to social media, your blog and newsletter. With inboundli you can build effective marketing channels while saving 90% of the time spent on sourcing and distributing content.

    tags: artificial-intelligence b2b b2b-marketing content-analysis content-curation
    platform: Online Google Chrome Firefox
  • Riple

  • Riple is your go-to community for discovering and sharing the best online content in groups.

    tags: content-creation content-curation content-delivery content-discovery news
    platform: iPhone
  • DrumUp

  • DrumUp is a social media virtual assistant app for businesses. It auto-discovers content to schedule and post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Both free and paid versions of the social media content management tool are available. It comes with a smart workflow that can save up to 90% of the content management effort.

    tags: auto-post-facebook auto-tweet content-curation content-discovery content-management
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Google Chrome
  • Contentools

  • We believe in awesome content. Content people love to read, share and talk about. We believe in content that answers questions, provides valuable information and inspires to do better.We believe every business should have the resources to produce such content.That’s why we’ve developed Contentools: a powerful content marketing software crafted to growing companies’ needs and goals. Equipped with everything you need to plan, organize, distribute and measure your content production and performance.Let your users fall in love with your brand, create great content with Contentools. »

    tags: blog-publishing content-creation content-marketers content-marketing content-marketing-platform
    platform: Online
  • ContentDJ

  • ContentDJ is the the most powerful tool for content curators. It helps you identify ready-to-share content, schedule or publish to Google+, Pinterest, Wordpress, Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. The only platform for your content marketing and social media marketing needs!

    tags: twitter facebook scheduler social-media-marketing wordpress
    platform: Online
  • Marketing Stack

  • There are currently 28 categories with around 260 resources/tools that cover a few key areas of marketing; Analytics, Content Marketing, Collaboration, Automation, Customer Experience and Miscellaneous (blogs, PR, newsletters, link shorteners etc). In each category, there is a maximum of ten resources that have been curated by me. The resources and tools have their logo, quick description and link to their site however, they are not in any particular oder!

    tags: analytics marketing communications
    platform: Online
  • Bloopist

  • Bloopist is a simplified blogging platform. Preview your posts as your create them. Publish to your custom domain. Drag and drop image uploads. Schedule and queue posts for publication.

    tags: blog-publishing blogging blogging-engine blogging-platform cms
    platform: Online
  • Uberflip

  • Uberflip is a content marketing software that brings your videos, photos, social media channels, and eBooks into one engaging, responsive and branded experience to generate leads.

    tags: cms content-management content-marketing demand-generation inbound-marketing
    platform: Online
  • Quuu

  • Quuu is a curated content suggestion platform that connects to your Buffer queue, allowing you to grow a relevant social media following across your entire social landscape. Select categories/interests that matter to you, we'll queue relevant suggestions to your Buffer where you can manually curate posts yourself if required.

    tags: marketing social-media content-marketing curated-content social-content
    platform: Online Buffer
  • ContentTools

  • ContentTools is a platform to easily create and publish different forms of interactive content on any website or blog. ContentTools is used to drive website traffic, generate leads, and increase social engagement. All tools have lead generation features to collect email addresses, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers. Creating engaging content on a regular basis can be hard and ContentTools makes it easier. ContentTools offers a free 14-day trial to try out the suite of tools and watch it bring value to your digital strategy. »

    tags: software-as-a-service polls content-marketing trivia interactive-content
    platform: Online