* +] Upon creating a Flash Card, you can specify what type you have. This will serve for future purposes for card-specific functions. Only supported flash cards have been listen so far * +] Flash Cards are editable (Except the path, can rename and specify type by double clicking the card in your List * +] Brand new feature: Cheat Downloading. Based on your Flash Card, you can download the appropriate Cheat Database straight from Special Thanks for Narin of GBAtemp for maintaining the cheats! * +] Along with cheat downloading is Auto-Updating. If a new cheat file is available, Rominator can auto-download it and update your flash card's cheat file silently (Available to registered users only * FIX] Size now sorts properly when the column heading is clicked on NOTE: Du

Rominator alternatives

  • EmuControlCenter

  • Easy and intuitive!emuControlCenter is build for people who want to play games quick 'n' easy, without searching too much, ECC supports images and previews them directy in the 'Resultview'. Also there is a 'ImageCenter' build-in for a fullsize preview!

    tags: Portable emulation rom rom-manager roms
  • ClrMamePro

  • CLRMame is a set of tools that manages your rom filles. Nearly all emulators use rom files to store their games. What CLRMame does is to check all of the individual rom files against a data file to make sure that they have the right information in them. Data files are available for nearly all arcade emulators and also some console games too.

    tags: emulation mame rom-manager roms clrmame
  • OfflineList

  • A widely-used, multi-platform ROM manager.

    tags: Portable gba rom-manager roms gbc
  • AdvanceSCAN

  • advscan is a command line utility for maintaining a zipped archive of roms and samples for AdvanceMAME, AdvanceMESS and any other MAME derivative emulator.

    tags: mame rom-manager roms advancemame advscan
  • DS-Rom Organizer

  • DS Rom Organizer is a tool for Windows that is designed for making management and organization of your Nintendo DS Games easier (as well as PSP, GBA and PSN roms despite the application name). It allows you to easily store your games in the application, view all of its information, organize the way you want, and even get them transferred over to your “Device” with the press of 1 button.To make management easy, many different features have been implemented into DS Rom Organizer to enhance your experience: »

    tags: psp gba nintendo-ds rom-manager psn
  • RomCenter

  • Universal ROM Manager. List, examines and repairs all your ROMS.

    tags: console rom rom-manager roms