Plot Digitizer!

> First go to the downloads
112725 area and download the appropriate executable version of the program for your platform, and/or it's full source code, from there. > > _MacOS X:_ > You should have received this application as a compressed disk image file (PlotDigitizer_#.#.#_MacOSX.dmg. This disk image file, when mounted (by double-clicking on it, should contain the application icon (Plot, this readme file (README.txt, and some license related legalese. > > To install this program, simply drag the Plot icon to a convenient location on your hard drive. In MacOS X this is usually the Applications directory, but you are free to put it anywhere you want. > > The application file shoul

Plot Digitizer alternatives

  • im2graph

  • im2graph is a free digitizing software that converts graph-images to graph-data, that is to numbers.With behind the scenes fast and efficient image processing algorithms, im2graph effortlessly converts images to graphs with a click of a button. For more complex use cases,a highly tuned user-assisted GUI is available, enabling fast and effortless conversions from graph images to values. Using im2graph is intuitive, addictive and fun. You can even use im2graph to convert text images to X-Y locations. ยป

    tags: chart charts digitize graphics graphs
    platform: Windows Linux
  • g3data

  • g3data is used for extracting data from graphs. In publications graphs often are included, but the actual data is missing. g3data makes the extracting process much easier.

    tags: plot digitize
    platform: Windows Linux
  • Dagra

  • Graphs are great for understanding results in reports and papers, but to use those results in your own analysis, you'll want the underlying numerical data. Your analysis will be more flexible because you can easily include all the data from the graph, rather than just a few points read manually.

    tags: digitize
    platform: Windows
  • Find Graph

  • Take any graph or data from any source (Web or PDF document, for example), add your comments, and perform any manipulations, like nonlinear regression or curve fitting. Then print your results or export them to Excel or other database.

    tags: curve-fitting digitize engineering line nonlinear-regression
    platform: Windows