! alternatives

  • Cloud Cannon

  • Cloud Cannon turns Dropbox/Git-project into a CMS you can setup in seconds

    tags: cms dropbox git-hosting web-hosting web-server
  • Dbxlr

  • Free Dropbox website hosting. Dbxlr uses your direct download links to host your websites. No need to link your account with us. Simple and easy.

    tags: dropbox dropbox-host dropbox-hosting hosting-platform web-based
  • Droppages

  • Small website hosting using DropBox. Easy way to create and manage websites quickly and effortlessly.Content and presentation are loosly coupled, pages render fast, and templates are easy to manage.

    tags: dropbox-hosting static-hosting web-hosting
  • Site44

  • Site44 provides the easiest and fastest way to publish files to the web by connecting the contents of a special folder in your Dropbox account to our optimized hosting platform. Changes to files within this Dropbox folder appear on your website within seconds—there are no additional steps to publish your files.

    tags: dropbox html markdown static-hosting static-website

  • Dropbox has done an amazing job building a product that everyone knows and everyone uses and everyone loves. We all use Dropbox to store and share documents, designs and all different kinds of files, so why not websites?

    tags: cloud-computing dropbox dropbox-hosting marketing software-as-a-service
  • BitBalloon

  • BitBalloon automates the process of hosting your site in a highly optimized way. No more FTP or build scripts! Publish in one step with drag & drop or from the command line.

    tags: static-hosting web-hosting
  • Updog

  • Updog is a Ruby on Rails application that interfaces with the Dropbox API. This application converts requests to to Dropbox, and sends back the result.

    tags: dropbox-host static-website web-hosting web-publishing
  • Appernetic

  • Appernetic is a static site generator as a service (SSGaaS) for GitHub-hosted Hugo sites. With Appernetic, you can edit your content with the in-page editor, upload, manage and crop images as well as use different themes. When you are ready to go live, just press the Publish button! It is also easy to connect your own custom domain name.

    tags: software-as-a-service cms markdown-editor static-site-generator static-blogging
  • Calepin

  • Calepin reads Markdown-formatted, plain-text files stored in your Dropbox and converts them into blog posts for you. You can publish, edit, re-edit, and delete posts just by editing these files and then re-publishing your blog. Calepin does the work of converting these plain-text files into a useable blog, and even generates an Atom feed to allow people to subscribe to your blog in their favourite feed-reader, leaving your free to concentrate on writing.

    tags: Discontinued blog-publishing dropbox markdown