PC Win Boot!

PC Win Boot alternatives

  • Boot Repair Disk

  • A simple tool to recover access to your Operating Systems.

    tags: boot-repair linux-recovery stand-alone standalone system-fix
  • BartPE

  • Barts PE Builder helps you build a BartPE (Bart Preinstalled Environment) bootable Windows CD-Rom or DVD from the original Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 installation/setup CD, very suitable for PC maintenance tasks.

    tags: Discontinued bootable live-cd operating-system pc-maintenance
  • Win8PE SE

  • Win8PE SE project is based on PE4 environment and will use a Windows 8 (SP0) x86 or x64 DVD.

    tags: live-cd live-usb bootable windows-pe winbuilder-script
  • Win7PE SE

  • Live CD/DVD that can be built from either Windows 7 or Windows Vista sources.

    tags: live-cd live-usb operating-system winbuilder-script windows-pe
  • LiveXP

  • LiveXP is a very flexible PE 1x, using Explorer as shell, supporting SATA/IDE drives, USB devices, and many other features and tweaks. This project is based on PE environment and will use a Windows ™ XP/2003 Install CD.

    tags: bootable live-cd live-usb operating-system winbuilder-script
  • multiPE

  • multiPE is the first WinBuilder project which builds a PE from XP, Win2003, Vista, Win7 sources.

    tags: windows-pe winbuilder-script winbuilder
  • Paragon Rescue Kit

  • Regain control when disaster strikes!

    tags: boot-correction create-bootable-cd create-bootable-image data-recovery system-recovery