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Organize My Files alternatives

  • DropIt

  • When you need to organize files, DropIt can eliminate much of the drudgery of searching and manually opening folders and moving files around.

    tags: Portable automate automation decrypter delete-files
    platform: Windows
  • Hazel

  • Sometimes Newtons Law of Inertia is just as applicable to the digital world as to the physical. All too often our files sit around never to be filed. Downloads and other sundry files pile up never to leave. Fortunately, an uncluttered desktop can be a reality. Meet Hazel, your personal housekeeper.

    tags: cleaner system-optimization
    platform: Mac OS X
  • File Juggler

  • File Juggler is a Windows utility for automatic file management. Set up rules and have filejuggler move your files to their correct locations automatically.

    tags: auto-delete auto-file-naming automation built-in-file-transfer delete-files
    platform: Windows
  • Hygeia

  • Hygeia is an intelligent, versatile product that makes your digital life easier by helping you to automate your everyday processes and tasks in a slick way. Hygeia offers a wide range of automation capabilities such as files relocation, bulk renaming, deletion of files and much more.

    tags: Discontinued automation file-management file-monitoring file-patterns
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • Limagito FileMover

  • Limagito file mover software is used for automatic moving of files. This filemover automation tool can move, delete or copy files that are added to a specific folder. You can set file and directory filters based on the file name, date and size. Also rename, encrypt or decrypt files and rename directories (using regular expressions) when moving them to the new destination. Create directories based on the file name or date and check if the file already exists. The file-mover can move files from/to local folders as well as FTP, SFTP, FTPS directories and to SMTP. This software offers quite a few features that make the program very flexible and useful for a variety of file management tasks as well as file backups. Limagito runs in the system tray and automatically monitors the selected folders for any additions that match your file moving rules. You can set up as many working threads as wanted, each with individual settings. Other features include detailed logging, support for subdirectory scanning, command-line options and much more. »

    tags: automation file-management move-files
    platform: Windows
  • Watchdirectory

  • Monitor directory and start any command when its contents change. Easy to use and automate.

    tags: filesystem-monitoring folder-monitoring watch-folder
    platform: Windows
  • Drop Zone

  • Create simple drag-n-drop windows to quickly copy or move files. After dropping files or folders onto a Drop Zone window, a menu of paths you've configured will pop up, allowing you to quickly copy or move files to those destinations. To create multiple drop zones, simply make copies of the DropZone.exe and rename them to something unique e.g. DropZone1.exe, DropZone2.exe, etc. Each drop zone can be configured independently of the others.

    tags: Portable automatic-file-renaming automation drag-and-drop file-management
    platform: Windows
  • Folder Agent

  • Do you want to automate away all those repetitive tasks and free up time for more important activities? Folder Agent helps you do just that. It monitors directories on your system for new or changed files. When it sees them it leaps into action and moves, copies, emails, deletes or runs programs on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

    tags: Discontinued file-management folders sftp zip
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • Maid

  • Be lazy. Let Maid clean up after you, based on rules you define.

    tags: file-management ruby
    platform: Mac OS X Linux
  • Camouflage

  • Do you have way too many items on your desktop? Do you hate cleaning up that mess? Camouflage is the right utility for you. It hides all the icons and leaves nothing but the pure wallpaper.

    tags: presentation
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Redirect File Organizer

  • Redirect File Organizer finally offers a way to automatically organise your files.The concept is simple, you create a 'Redirect/s' in my app that contains some info about how you want your device organised (eg. Move Movie and Video files to the /movies folder), once you've created it once the app will automatically organize however you have told it to.- Move your Video files to one folder.- Move your gifs to one place.- Consolidate your music.- Automatically manage files from your Internal Storage to SD Card with no intervention!- Easily backup files.- Keep your work documents organised.- Make a mistake or don't like how it is organised? - Just click undo and try again. »

    tags: automate automation file-management folder-watchers perform-actions-on-condition
    platform: Android
  • Desktop Curtain

  • Desktop Curtain is a simple tool to hide the clutter on your desktop, and help you focus on the task at hand. It's perfect for teachers, presenters, writers, developers, and anyone else that hates clutter and/or needs to take screenshots with clean background images.

    tags: hide-desktop no-distraction
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Digital Janitor

  • Digital Janitor is an application specialized in sorting files. To use it, you have to insert the rules on which the sort will be performed and press a button. Within seconds the folder that you wanted to sort is clean, and all the files are in the right place.

    tags: file-sharing file-management utilities-management index
    platform: Windows
  • inbetweenbox

  • inbetweenbox automatically categorises files by their kind as soon as you import them, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for without having to do anything.

    tags: file-management
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Intelligent Copier

  • Intelligent Copier is an automatic file mover and copier. It offers a window that you can drag files onto, and will then copy or move them based on your settings. For example, you could choose to move all .mp3 files into the C:Music folder or copy any .doc file into your My Documents folder etc. In addition, you can automatically skip a file that is older than an existing one or to overwrite existing files. Intelligent Copier runs in the system tray and can log all actions for later reference. Free for personal use. »

    tags: automation file-management automate
    platform: Windows