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MediaGoblin alternatives

  • Piwigo

  • Piwigo is a photo gallery software for the web that comes with powerful features to publish and manage your collection of pictures.

    tags: access-control image-gallery image-hosting image-organization image-organizer
  • IPFSTube

  • IPFSTube is a player and uploader for videos , shared on the distributed network IPFS.

    tags: decentralized dht distributed go-lang ipfs
  • BitChute

  • BitChute is a peer to peer video sharing platform. Its mission is to put people and free speech first. It's free to join and create and upload your own videos to share with others.

    tags: bittorrent decentralized free-speech peer-to-peer upload-video

  • Koken is a free web site publishing system developed for photographers, designers, artists and creative DIYs. It allows publishers to manage, edit and publish personal web sites of their work.

    tags: cms photography website-creator

  • Decentralized image hosting website. Never lose your images by uploading them on ipfs.

    tags: image-hosting
  • BlockTech Alexandria

  • Imagine a platform like Youtube, Soundcloud, or Netflix - without any of the costly server or bandwidth overhead. Users can self-publish anything, including videos, music, books, 3D-printables, recipes, and more. Content creators have complete control over how their work is published with several different monetization options. Only the publisher has the power to remove her/his content from the library.

    tags: Discontinued blockchain distributed media-center media-manager
  • DreamVids

  • DreamVids - An open source video sharing platform.

    tags: media-platform
  • Zenphoto

  • Media website management the easy way!

    tags: photo-gallery
  • i-Flicks

  • Video sharing website with links to the software and source code.

    tags: Discontinued node.js video-sharing
  • Gallery Server

  • Gallery Server is a powerful and easy-to-use Digital Asset Management and Web Gallery application. Share and manage photos, videos, audio, and other files on your own website.

    tags: group-photo-sharing image-gallery image-hosting photo-album photo-gallery
  • Camera Roll

  • Camera Roll is the perfect Gallery App to enjoy your photos, gifs and videos.

    tags: image-gallery photo-gallery
  • Chevereto

  • Chevereto is a powerful and fast image hosting script that allows you to create your very own full featured image hosting website in just minutes.

    tags: image-gallery image-hosting multi-language photo-gallery photography
  • YouPHPTube

  • YouPHPTube! is an video-sharing website.

    tags: movies share-video streaming upload-video video-hosting
  • Sendvid

  • Sendvid is a simple video upload and sharing app; just upload and you’re done! No privacy settings to worry about and best of all your uploads remain private until shared. Sendvid is the perfect platform to host and share all your videos for free!

    tags: upload-video video-player video-sharing
  • Simple Gallery

  • A simple tool usable for viewing photos and videos. Items can be sorted by date, size, name both ascending or descending, photos can be zoomed in. Media files are shown in multiple columns, depending on the size of the display. They can be renamed, shared or deleted. Images can also be cropped, rotated or set as Wallpaper directly from the app.

    tags: video-player photo-gallery wallpaper-changer image-gallery editors