Live-Styler alternatives

  • VArranger

  • vArranger is a PC arranger software, playing Yamaha, Roland and Ketron styles in realtime !

    tags: accompaniment music-production play-music
  • Accompaniment Machine

  • The Accompaniment Machine (AMac) is an easy-to-use program that lets you create professional-sounding custom accompaniments to any song, even if you have no experience in composing and arranging. AMac is an invaluable resource for vocalists, instrumental soloist, choirs, singing groups and keyboardists. The key is the program's ability to access the many of Yamaha-format accompaniment styles available on the Internet — virtual backup bands for your performances. The package includes a library of over 5000 tested styles and hundreds of ready-to-use accompaniments. The programs Style Voice Optimizer and MIDI Doctor are included free with a purchase of AMac. »

    tags: midi synthesizer style accompaniment yamaha-style-player
  • One Man Band

  • One Man Band is a combination of a virtual music-keyboard with automatic-accompaniment, a sequencer that utilises styles and a style editor.

    tags: midi auto-accompaniment arranger
  • Real-time Style Performer

  • The Real-time Style Performer (RSP) gives you the ability to play musical styles created for Yamaha PSR musical instruments through a PC sound card. The program is solely dedicated to real-time “live” performance with a MIDI keyboard connected to PC, like it is done by the auto accompaniment PSR keyboards. It is not a sequencer of any kind and it does not create midi files. By this the RSC introduces new abilities and does not cross performance of the other software applications and utilities available on the market, which deal with Yamaha PSR styles and MIDI. With such MIDI commutation utilities like Hubi’s Loopback Driver one may always connect the RSP to a sequencer for recording and subsequent editing, if there is need for that. »

    tags: music-production midi arranger auto-accompaniment
  • Mixtikl

  • Mixtikl is one of the deepest and most powerful generative music apps out there and it lets you create magical generative music mixes that you can interact with, add audio loops to and generally customize to your hearts content (e.g. modular synth sounds & live FX, generative rules and play along parts to 12 track arrangements, mix tempo & root and more). The depth in Mixtikl rewards those who explore and become familiar with it, and the musical results from Mixtikl can be astounding - and there is a visualiser and you can include words, too. »

    tags: vst-plugin modular-system midi-sequencer music-looper sound-mixer
  • Automated Composing System

  • ACS helps you to create music by providing customizable styles that you use to algorithmically compose MIDI songs.

    tags: music-production midi accompaniment arranger algorithmic-composition
  • Noatikl

  • Noatikl is a powerful creative tool for generating custom generative music and new musical ideas - create your own "reflective music" and generative music.

    tags: generative-music aleatory reflective aleatoric stochastic
  • Sharp11

  • Sharp11 is an npm module for performing music theory operations, ranging from simple things like transposing a note to complicated things like generating an ordered list of scales that can be played over a given chord.

    tags: music-production midi-composer music-theory algorithmic-composition