Kittysplit alternatives

  • Buxfer

  • Free online personal finance software for budgeting and expense management. Track shared expenses, split bills, and debts.

    tags: budget-tracking expense-management money-management personal-finance
    platform: Online Android iPhone
  • Splitwise

  • Splitwise is a free tool for friends and roommates to track bills and other shared expenses, so that everyone gets paid back. On the web, iPhone, and Android!

    tags: bills clear-interface debts expenses housemates
    platform: Online Android iPhone

  • The goal is to automatically calculate cost allocations at a group event, by simply entering the spending paid by each person and the list of participants. In a few seconds the tool tells you who has to pay back how much to whom. You can send a link to the result by email.Easy to use and quick entry.No login.

    tags: debts expenses no-login split-bills
    platform: Online
  • WieBetaaltWat

  • WieBetaaltWat (WhoPaysWhat) is a service that allows you to easily settle expenses with a group of people. You can use WieBetaaltWat for:

    tags: bills expense-management expense-tracking finance-management money-management
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet
  • Memodude

  • Memodude keeps track of who you lent to, reduces your receivables and gets rid of bad payers. A unique algorithm cancels out debts and keeps your preferences into account when doing so: which connections you prefer owing you and of which you are doubtful that they will repay you. Memodude does not need groups: you can memo everyone with an email address.

    tags: bills debts expense-tracking expenses group-expense
    platform: Online
  • SplittyPie

  • Create event, add users and their expenses. SplittyPie will calculate who owes who and how much exactly. It's Free and with No Sign Up.

    tags: bills debts expense-management expense-tracking expenses
    platform: Online
  • ihatemoney

  • This is a really tiny app to ease the shared houses budget management. Keep track of who bought what, when, and for who to then compute the balance of each person.

    tags: bills expense-tracking group-expense personal-finance split-bills
    platform: Self-Hosted
  • Finovera

  • # Get your financial life together in ten minutes- Automatically download bills and statements- Upload and organize important paper documents- All in one secure place, accessible from anywhere

    tags: bill-management finance-management financial money-management personal-finance
    platform: Windows iPhone
  • Evenfy

  • A free tool to manage household IOUs with roommates, split bills and track group expenses so that everyone gets paid back. On the web, iPhone, and Android.

    tags: bill bills budget-tracking control-costs cost-control
    platform: Online Android iPhone
  • Splid

  • Splid helps friends manage their money.Perfect for vacations, share housing and groups who need to share expenses, Splid keeps track of every transaction and shows who owes whom how much. It is simply the easiest way to manage group expenses.

    tags: personal-finance split-bills
    platform: iPhone
  • MoneyMe

  • With MoneyMe you can control your daily costs using your Android mobile and your PC. You can insert quickly and easily your expenses and start making stadistics.You can create budgets, organize your debts and administrate all of your coupons with a simple interface that it can help you a lot.

    tags: Discontinued Portable control-costs cost-control expense-management
    platform: Windows Android Android Tablet Discontinued
  • Tink

  • With Tink you can follow your income and see how much money you have spent – and on what.

    tags: budget-tracking
    platform: Online iPhone
  • Splittr

  • Forget about complicated spreadsheets!

    tags: bills cost-sharing debts expense-management expense-tracking
    platform: iPhone
  • Tabbt

  • Tabbt is the best way to share everyday expenses with your friends. A Tab is created within seconds: After paying for your group, you enter the total amount, add your friends and hit send. All Tabs add up to an ongoing balance. No more shuffling coins! Pay your friends back by picking up the next bill instead.

    tags: expenses finance-management friends iou lifestyle-app
    platform: Android iPhone iPad
  • WhoseBill

  • WhoseBill takes a new approach to sorting out money with your friends. It keeps track of everything in one place, offsetting debts and payments against each other, and settling up when you're ready. No more trying to remember every IOU, having to split food and utility bills, or post-holiday spreadsheet nightmares – just WhoseBill it!

    tags: bills finance-management finances financial iou
    platform: Online