Joystick 2 Mouse!

Joystick to mouse (also known as joy2mouse) let's you control the mouse and keyboard using your joystick or gamepad.

If you have questions unanswered in the help menu , just Contact me mailto:[email protected] This program is free for personal use so distribute it as much as you wish. You need authorization to distribute Joystick 2 Mouse as part of a software package.
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Joystick 2 Mouse alternatives


AntiMicro is a program used to map keyboard and mouse actions to gamepad/joystick buttons. It is useful for playing games with poor or no gamepad s...

tags: fast-and-easy-setup game-mapping gamepad-keyboard-emulator games graphical-component
platform: Windows Linux BSD


JoyToKey enables you to control any softwares (e.g. browsers, games on the web, Microsoft office applications or even Windows itself) by using your...

tags: gamepad-keyboard-emulator joystick-to-keyboard gaming-utility
platform: Windows


Xpadder simulates the keyboard and mouse using your gamepad

tags: full-controller-support game-utilty gamepad-keyboard-emulator gamepad-mapping gamepad-tool
platform: Windows


Full list of Features

tags: Portable bluetooth xbox360 gamepad-keyboard-emulator controller
platform: Windows

Pinnacle Game Profiler

Pinnacle Game Profiler allows you to emulate your keyboard and mouse with your video game controller, and otherwise customize the controller's beha...

tags: games gamepad-keyboard-emulator gaming-utility mouse-emulation key-mapping
platform: Windows


InputMapper is a DS4 (DualShock 4) input mapper that allows you to connect your PS4 gamepad to windows, wired (USB) or wirelessly (Bluetooth).

tags: bluetooth bluetooth-support controller ds4 dualshock
platform: Windows


reWASD is a gamepad mapper that lets you remap Xbox One, Elite and 360 controller to keyboard and mouse. The main unique thing about it is about Xb...

tags: controller gamepad gamepad-keyboard-emulator games gaming-utility
platform: Windows


FreePIE (Programmable Input Emulator) is a C# utility for bridging and emulating input devices. It has applications primarily in video gaming but c...

tags: mouse-utility mouse-emulation key-mapping keyboard-emulation joystick
platform: Windows

Xiaomi Gamepad to Xbox 360 controller Mapper

An input mapper app that add xinput to Xiaomi Mi Gamepads, so windows games recognize Xiaomi gmepad as a x360 controller & you can play them withou...

tags: Portable controller game-controller gamepad games
platform: Windows


There are already very feature-rich joystick to keyboard mappers out there, be it JoyToKey or XPadder. However, both are not Freeware and both lack...

tags: gamepad-keyboard-emulator joystick-to-keyboard key-mapping mouse-emulation keyboard-emulation
platform: Windows