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* custom builds for Linux
(up to 1.7.9-jumbo-5 * custom builds for Mac OS X
(up to 1.7.9-jumbo-7 * custom builds for Solaris
(packages up to 1.7.6, non-packaged up to 1.7.8-jumbo-7 * custom builds for Android
(1.7.8 * OpenVMS and SYSUAF.DAT s

John the Ripper alternatives

  • Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

  • Windows stores its user information, including crypted versions of the passwords, in a file called 'sam', usually found in \windows\system32\config. This file is a part of the registry, in a binary format previously undocumented, and not easily accessible. But thanks to a German(?) named B.D, I've now made a program that understands the registry.This site provides CD and floppy images for end users to easily edit their forgotten passwords. But it also provides full source code and binary builds of the tools to allow others to use as they like for other purposes. Registry format documentation also available. »

    tags: Portable password-crack password-recovery password-reset registry-editor
  • ProduKey

  • ProduKey is a small utility that displays the ProductID and the CD-Key of Microsoft Office (2003/2007), Windows (XP/Vista/7 and Server 2003/2008), Exchange Server, and SQL Server installed on your computer. You can view this information for your current running operating system, or for another operating system/computer - by using command-line options. This utility can be useful if you lost the product key of your Windows/Office, and you want to reinstall it on your computer.

    tags: Warning product-key-finder cd-key
  • ophcrack

  • Ophcrack is a Windows Password cracker based on Rainbow Tables.

    tags: hash-cracking live-cd ntlm password-crack password-recovery
  • Trinity Rescue Kit

  • Trinity Rescue Kit or TRK is a free live Linux distribution that aims specifically at recovery and repair operations on Windows machines, but is equally usable for Linux recovery issues. Since version 3.4 it has an easy to use scrollable text menu that allows anyone who masters a keyboard and some English to perform maintenance and repair on a computer, ranging from password resetting over disk cleanup to virus scanning.

    tags: bootable-cd bootable-usb password-crack password-recovery windows-data-recovery
  • Kon-Boot

  • Kon-Boot is an application which will silently bypass the authentication process of Windows based operating systems. Without overwriting your old password! In other words you can login to your Windows profile without knowing your password. Easy to use and excellent for tech repairs, data recovery and security audits. Fast, tiny and gets your job done!

    tags: Portable bypass-windows-password hacking password-crack password-recovery
  • Enchanted Keyfinder

  • Enchanted Keyfinder is a Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder (MJB KF) fork from the open source version of MJB KF. It is a utility that retrieves the product key used to install Windows from your registry or from an unbootable Windows installation. It works on Windows 9X, ME, NT/2K/XP, and Vista/Win7 and for other software.

    tags: Discontinued Portable microsoft-office-product-key product-key product-key-finder
  • hashcat-gui

  • Hashcat GUI overlay for Windows and Linux.

    tags: cracking hash-cracking hashcat
  • oclHashcat-plus

  • Worlds fastest md5crypt, phpass, mscash2 and WPA / WPA2 cracker &Worlds first and only GPGPU based rule engine.

    tags: wordpress password-recovery hash gpu amd
  • Simple Key - Recut

  • If you're preparing to reinstall a program or an operating system (eg: like a clean installing Windows), you will need to find your product key (CD key) or serial number.Normally this product key is located with the original CD or DVD on the disk itself or inside the jacket pocket of the CD or DVD case. If you've lost your product key you can often find it in the Windows Registry but this can be very difficult to do. But don't worry Simple Key - Recut is here to hep, just download and install Simple Key - Recut - Free to your computer and your ready to search for and save your product keys (CDKeys / Serials). »

    tags: Discontinued product-key-finder
  • WinKeyFinder

  • WinKeyFinder retrieves your Windows Xp, Win 2000, Windows ME, 98, 2003 and .NET Product keys from the registry and display it for you.

    tags: Portable product-key-finder
  • CrowbarDMG

  • crowbarDMG is a dictionary attack tool for DMG and Spareimage files for Macs. It does require 10.5 Leopard. It really wasn’t worth the trouble to redo things to work on Tiger. It is completely free, so enjoy. Be sure to read the included PDF readme file. I address an issue if you use strings to pull out a dictionary from a disc image. Some control characters need to be scrubbed else it will crash crowbarDMG. Give it a shot if you need to recover a password for a dmg or filevault file.

    tags: crack bruteforce sparsebundle filevault-crack sparsebundle-crack
  • Get My Keys Back

  • The portable Get My Keys Back can extract the serials of already installed Microsoft Office programs and Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 easily without admin rights or installation.

    tags: Portable product-key-finder serial-key
  • L0phtCrack

  • L0phtCrack is a password auditing and recovery application (now called L0phtCrack 6) originally produced by Mudge from L0pht Heavy Industries. It is used to test password strength and sometimes to recover lost Microsoft Windows passwords, by using dictionary, brute-force, hybrid attacks, and rainbow tables. It was one of the crackers' tools of choice, although most use old versions because of its low price and high availability.

    tags: hash-cracking ntlm password-auditing password-crack password-recovery
  • GoCrack

  • GoCrack provides APIs to manage password cracking tasks across supported cracking engines.

    tags: password-crack password-testing