Iterop alternatives

  • PlantUML

  • PlantUML is an open-source tool that uses simple textual descriptions to draw UML diagrams. The generator can be run anywhere within JVM and integrated with various application such as wiki, text editor, IDE, programming language, documentation generator, and others. Mostly based on Graphviz. Can render various diagram syntax such as PlantUML, Dot, and Ditaa.

    tags: Portable chart create-uml-entities flowchart java-based
  • Software Ideas Modeler

  • Lightweight, powerful, easy to use, UML tool

    tags: case-tool code-generation design development software-development
  • Bonita BPM

  • Bonita BPM is a BPM-based application platform that is designed to help users build highly engaging, personalized business applications that can be continuously updated to adapt to business changes in real time. Bonita BPM provides an integrated suite of capabilities and is composed of the following core modules: * an Eclipse based, modeling and development environment which allows business analysts and developers to graphically design and share processes using the industry standard BPMN 2.0 notation. * a web based, drag and drop designer, based on HTML5 and Angular JS, to create personalized user interfaces for BPM applications, including web pages and process forms. It is highly extensible so developers can build their own interfaces using standard technologies. * a powerful and scalable Java-based process orchestration engine build on service-oriented architecture. It is flexible enough to adapt to any information systems architecture, from simple to complex while supporting intensive workload. * a web-based, out-of-the-box, portal for users and administrators to perform their day to day task. While this is a generic BPM application, users can also completely customize the end-user interface. »

    tags: workflow business-process-management bpm business-process bpmn
  • ProcessMaker

  • ProcessMaker is a cost effective and easy to use open source business process management (BPM) or workflow software application. Workflow software such as ProcessMaker can assist organizations of any size with designing, automating and deploying business processes or workflows of various kinds.

    tags: business-and-commerce incident-management process-documentation process-management workflow
  • Papyrus UML

  • Graphical modelling open source UML2 tool based on Eclipse environment.

    tags: graphical uml-modeling
  • ARIS Express

  • ARIS Express is based on the proven ARIS methodology and industry standards. Its intuitive user interface and the latest improvements in modeling assistances enable instant results. This free version will appeal to universities and vocational schools, as well as BPM beginners and occasional users. ARIS Express is not a limited demo or trial version but a free of charge modeling software which is a reasonable replacement for other drawing tools.

    tags: business-process business-process-management business-process-modelling chart diagram

  • is a tool with which you can easily build your individual workflows and coordinate social collaboration activities. Thanks to the graphical user interface, workflows can be created with no need for technical expertise. Connect your projects, customers, everything you want.

    tags: bpm business-process-automation collaboration-workflows process-manager web-form-builder

  • IYOPRO, Improve your Processes, is a professional online BPM and workflow system that utilizes the BPMN 2.0 standard. Run it in less than one minute - without installation - always in the latest version. IYOPRO offers modelling, simulation and workflow automation in three editions. There are various operating modes available: SaaS within the browser, installed out of the browser and on premise.

    tags: business-process-management bpm bpmn workflow-management
  • Diagrammix

  • Diagrammix is a tool for efficiently building attractive diagrams.

    tags: graphics diagramming uml-diagrams diagram-designer
  • VisiTouch

  • ~ Simple way to view, annotate and share Microsoft Office Visio diagrams ~ VisiTouch helps mobile workers to view and annotate on MS Visio diagrams on their iPhones and iPads. Use it to open .vsd, .vdx and .vsdx files, convert them to PDF, make notes, remarks and highlights. Share original and resulting PDF files via cloud storages, by email and output them to print. VisiTouch is essential for business managers, field workers, contractors and anyone who has to view and share their feedback on information presented in Visio diagrams. VisiTouch supports .vsd, .vdx and .vsdx created in 2000 through 2013 editions of MS Visio* • Supported FormatsView and convert binary .VSD filesSupport for Visio XML files - .VDX, .VSDX • Viewing Visio FilesSupports for multi-paged documents • Advanced ConversionEasily convert MS Visio files to Adobe PDF with variety of settings • File ManagementStore MS Visio diagrams, charts and graphs on your iDeviceOrganize MS Visio files and resulting PDFs into custom folders • AnnotationAdd remarks with text notesHighlight important or disputable partsAdd free hand drawings, stamps and imagesMake notes with variety of shapes including arrows, ovals and rectangles • File SharingShare documents with colleagues, as original PDFs or their flattened copies.Upload to popular cloud services - Dropbox and Google Drive™Send by emailOutput to print via AirPrint »

    tags: Discontinued built-in-pdf-converter diagrams drawing flowchart
  • Imixs-Workflow

  • Imixs-Workflow in a scalable, transactional, robust and simple deployable open source workflow engine for human-Centric BPM. Human-centric business process management supports human skills and activities by a task oriented workflow-engine. Imixs-Workflow is based on the Java Enterprise Edition and support the BPMN 2.0 Standard. Imixs Workflow is free software. You can run it on any platform, and use it for any kind of business application.

    tags: java workflow business-process-management bpm bpmn
  • Limbas

  • Limbas is a web-based framework and frontend for business or enterprise database applications and processes. It contains front-end functionality like a form designer, a report generator, a graphical query generator, a calendar system, a workflow engine as well as dms functionality. Limbas supports many different open-source and commercial dbms.

    tags: business-process cms customer-relationship-manager database development
  • Delineato Pro

  • Delineato - the italian word for "outline". Designed using the WYSIWYN paradigm - What You See Is What You Need - this carefully crafted application is targeted at creating simple diagrams, mind maps, brainstorming, to-do lists, architectural diagrams.A clutter-free interface allows you to concentrate and focus on the essence of your work.

    tags: brainstorming built-in-pdf-converter diagramming diagrams icloud-sync
  • Signavio

  • The Signavio Process Editor was created in order to be very intuitive and easy to use. Besides professional process modeling, the Signavio Process Editor offers numerous possibilities to include as many process participants as possible in process design. Using QuickModel (spreadsheet like process design), even colleagues without any knowledge of BPMN 2.0 can be included in modeling business processes. This makes Signavio the pioneer in collaborative process design.

    tags: process-management