Ezoic alternatives

  • AdNgin

  • Increase your website ad revenue with automatic a/b testing. easily test for the best ad positions, ad sizes, networks, ad types etc. use your own ad feeds or use our competitive market place for finding the best advertisers.

    tags: ab-testing adsense advertising optimization revenue-optimization
    platform: Online
  • AdPushup

  • AdPushup is an Ad revenue optimization tool which can help publishers & bloggers make more money from their existing website traffic using advanced automated A/B testing without the need for any

    tags: ad-testing adsense revenue-optimization
    platform: Windows
  • AmpedSense

  • AmpedSense allows you to inject and split test various AdSense configurations into your wordpress blog until you find the best AdSense ads to use on your site.

    tags: optimization wordpress-plugin adsense split-test
    platform: Online Wordpress